New Music Friday: Kesha Can Finally Let Her "True Colors" Shine

Today's New Music Friday playlist is about to bless your ears with some super sweet sounds. From a powerful ballad by Kesha, to some melodic magic by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, your weekend is about to kick off with some major fire!


1. "True Colors" by Zedd feat. Kesha

While listening to this song, only one word came to mind – YAAAS! Kesha poured her heart and soul into this song and we are so proud of her. Huge shout out to Zedd for working with her on this track.


2. "Hurricane" by Forever In Your Mind

We. Love. FIYM. These kids are incredibly magnetic performers who draw you in with their smooth vocals. "Hurricane" is one of those songs you won't ever be able to get out of your head with its fun and catchy chorus.


3. "This Is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna

Taylor Swift warned us all about this banger, but we still weren't prepared for the bop Rihanna and Calvin brought into our lives. If you haven't already added it to every single dance party playlist you've ever made, you need to get on that.


4. "Not Today" by Imagine Dragons

Tears will be streaming down your face after you hear this moving hit from Imagine Dragons. There's just a beautiful, unexplainable feeling you experience when "Not Today" hits you.


5. "Something to Believe In" by Young the Giant

We now have something to believe in and you bet it's this anthem from Young the Giant. It's a bit darker than other Young the Giant music, but we're definitely picking up what they're putting down. Don't mind us, we'll be vibing to this for days.


And to make your life easier, we've put all these new tunes in a Spotify playlist for you.


These aren't the only anthems you need in your life. ICYMI, listen to our favorite songs from last week's New Music Friday HERE.