These Ketchup Items Will Help You Accessorize Your Life, Not Just Your Food

Many condiments compete for first place in the hearts of dip-lovers everywhere. But we all know that sweet and tangy tomato ketchup takes gold every time. Don't argue.

If you're a committed k-sauce lover like me, you obviously aren't complete without one (or ten) condiment accessories.

Why deny this glorious gift to the food world when you can wear your love loud and proud. Accessorize your life, not just your food, with these ketchup items below:


"Ketchy" Slogan Tote Bag: $9.67

Don't just stock up on a year's supply of 2 for 1 Heinz bottles—load them into your ketchy slogan tote that tells everyone you aren't just a ketchup lover, you're also hilarious.

Punny ketchup tote bag

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Humblebrag Ketchup T-Shirt: $29.50

There are ketchup lovers, and then there are ketchup lovers. If you aren't the latter, you don't deserve this humblebrag of a tee.

I put ketchup on my ketchup t-shirt

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Tough Questions Apron: $14.12

It's a question as old as time: If you eat a fry without ketchup, did you really eat a fry at all? This apron means business. And that business is perfecting a generous 3:1 ketchup-food ratio.

Ketchup apron

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Ketchup Plushie Toy: $20.63+

Snuggle up with your favorite flavored squirt bottle. Thanks to the adorable face, no one's going to judge you for playing with your food.

Cute plush ketchup toy

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Pop Art Tee: $24.99

This all-over print tee is pure art, just like the condiment it depicts. The Andy Warhol-esque color palette reminds us of the days when Heinz experimented with green and purple ketchup.

Pop art t-shirt of Heinz ketchup bottles

(via RageOn!)


Monogram Charm Necklace: $16.99

Every "kiss" begins with "k"… and so does ketchup. This monogrammed necklace is definitely a gift to give yourself on your anniversary with ketchup.

Ketchup charm necklace

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Illustration Print: $18+

You know how some people hang paintings of their family over fireplaces? Same…

Ketchup bottle illustration

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Throw Pillow: $20

This throw is anything but subtle, but hey, neither is the sweety tangy flavor of our fave dipping sauce!

Throw pillow featuring dollop of ketchup on plate

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Ketchup Bottle Shirt: $12

This tee takes a more simple and classic approach to the bouteille de ketchup.

Ketchup bottle t-shirt

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Crocheted Phone Cover: $14.99

Deck out your phone in this hand-crocheted cover inspired by the traditional look of a Heinz bottle.

Ketchup bottle-inspired crocheted phone case

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Ketchup and Fries Bowtie: $42.19

RommydeBommy really knows how to style food. This bowtie confirms fries are just a vehicle to get more ketchup into your mouth.

Ketchup and french fries bowtie

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Ketchup Bottle Earrings: $22

Did somebody mention a 2 for 1 sale?

Ketchup bottle earrings

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Ketchup Fan Patch: $7+

The best accessories make a statement. This one quite literally makes a huge one. The classic phrase can now adhere onto any jacket, jeans or dad hat of your choosing.


I like ketchup with my ketchup patch

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Ketchup and Fries Collar Clips: $12

If the bowtie was a bit too much, consider going classic with this collar clip that will get your love across while maintaining a nod towards elegance. Am I using that word correctly?

Ketchup and fries collar pins

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