You're Ketchup's No. 1 Fan Only If You Eat These Condiment-Food Combos

There may be no devoted food fans quite like ketchup-lovers.

For us, that sweet, tangy and only slightly tomato-tasting condiment pairs perfectly with everything—and we mean everything. 

Grilled cheese? Hot dogs? That's child's play according to hardcore ketchup fans.

Scroll below to either relate or gag over these unconventional foods that we love drizzling with red goop:


Mac and Cheese

We'll start you off with an easy one. Just because mac and cheese is delicious on its own doesn't mean it isn't greatly enhanced by a tangy tomato flavor.

Bowl of mac and cheese with a ketchup heart

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Salsa, who? Forget the tomato chunks, we want our red topping blended into a paste and served on the side of our Mexican food.


Scrambled Eggs

You may reach for the Tapatio but we're reaching for the ketchup whether we're at home or out at a restaurant, and we don't care who knows it. But why stop with scrambled eggs? Our fave condiment is eggsellent with any style—fried, poached, over easy, you name it.


Cottage Cheese

Tons of people mix fruit into their cottage cheese and, technically, tomatoes are a fruit! It may seem strange, but this creamy and textured snack mixes oh-so-wonderfully with the sweetly tart topping. Just imagine this combo being similar to flavored yogurt… ketchup-flavored, that is.



Okay, if we're thinking logically here, spaghetti is already tossed with a tomato-based sauce, so why not add a little extra of the good stuff? Italian cuisine enthusiasts may shudder, but we don't care. More for us!

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Soup can be a little drab sometimes, so we like to kick the flavor up a notch with a dollop of ketchup. If you like tomato soup, why stop there when you could add the tomato flavor to a variety of soups?


Potato Chips

It certainly isn't unusual to dunk chips into a flavorful dip but when it comes to ketchup-lovers, we dip just about any chip into our favorite condiment. Hey, if this was really so weird than why would Lays create a flavor dedicated to this?

Craving French fries but I guess this will have to do #layspotatochips #heinzketchup #ketchupwithchips

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