How to Recreate This Laid-Back, Celeb-Inspired Hairstyle Just in Time for Labor Day

Labor Day is tomorrow and we're looking forward to doing absolutely nothing except BBQing with our besties and majorly mellowing out.

The only thing you need to prepare for this day, besides your home-cooked potato salad, is a low-key look.

When it comes to your hair, we think Khloe Kardashian perfectly exemplified "chill" when she rocked these two high buns a month ago–and the good news is we got the lovely lady responsible for this look to give us the play-by-play on how you can achieve it on your own!

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Scroll below for Kardashian hairstylist Justine Marjan's seven simple tips, and get ready to become the highlight of the house party!

Step 1: Prepare Hair

The first step to recreating this hairdo is dampening your locks with an ocean mist spray. You can then follow that with a soft mousse to create texture. After the products are applied to hair, use a blow dryer and a flat brush to dry the hair.


Step 2: Split Hair

Using a rat tail comb, split your hair down the middle. Do this by starting with a middle part and using the rat tail comb to trace it through to the back of your head. After you have two sections of hair, grab each individual section and split hair again, this time horizontally. In total, you should have four sections of hair now.


Step 3: Create Texture

Now that your hair is sectioned off, spray dry shampoo throughout all four sections to create texture. Make sure you pay attention to the hair that is closest to your roots, this is especially important for this look. Justine recommends Kardashian Beauty's dry shampoo for this step.

Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo

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Step 4: Put Hair Up

Use a detailing brush to gather the front section of one side of the head into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic while you let pieces around the face and hairline fall loose. Repeat this with the back section, adding it to the first ponytail with a second elastic.


Step 5: Repeat

Follow the step above on the opposite side of the head.


Step 6: Make the Knots

After ponytails on each side of the head are secured, gather each pony and loop it into a knot. Secure it with French pins similar to the one pictured below.

Single french pin

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Step 7: Finish

To make sure the hairstyle lasts for hours, finish by adding hairspray for hold. You can also use a small amount of treatment oil to the hair if needed.


Follow these easy steps and you will master this celebrity look in no time! If you still need more celeb hair inspo, be sure to check out THESE top tips for gorgeous hair from Katy Perry's very own hairstylist!