Everything You Wanted to Know About Perfect Addiction Star Kiana Madeira

When we heard Claudia Tan's hit novel Perfect Addiction would be getting a movie adaptation, we knew we were in for a treat, and we couldn't have hoped for a better heroine than Kiana Madeira as Sienna Lane.

The Candian actress perfectly embodies the role of an MMA trainer on the quest for revenge, starring opposite Matthew Noszka and Ross Butler for what's sure to be one of the steamiest flicks of the year. She's truly a master of her craft, winning our hearts in roles including Netflix'Fear Street and Trinkets—and her path to superstardom is only getting started. If you love Kiana as much as we do, keep scrolling to discover everything she shared about herself as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Kiana Madeira Perfect ADdiction actress trivia and woman crush wednesday

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Name: Kiana Alexa Madeira

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Birthday: November

Zodiac sign: Scorpio


Fun Facts:

1. Kiana has two films premiering this year—Perfect Addiction and Brother.

"They are so different from each other. Perfect Addiction is an action romance and I play Sienna Lane who is an MMA trainer and fighter who embarks on a revenge mission. Brother is a drama, and I play Aisha who is patient and gentle and provides light and love to those in her life. I want fans to know that I poured my heart into both of these stories and I am so excited for both films to be experienced by audiences. To have two very different films being released simultaneously is such a blessing and I am energized for fans to see sides of my craft that they have never seen before."

-Kiana Madeira


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2. The last show she binge-watched was White Lotus.

"So, so good! And a shoutout to Fred Hechinger, who plays Quinn in Season 1. Fred is my amazingly talented friend and co-star in the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. His performance in The White Lotus was beautiful."

-Kiana Madeira

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3. She couldn't live without constantly snacking on popcorn.

4. She often finds herself inspired by fictional characters.

"Most recently, Viola Davis's character in The Woman King, Nanisca. I am inspired by her fierceness, her leadership, her fearlessness and her desire to liberate her nation. She is a warrior and a protector, and I have never seen a woman like her portrayed on screen before. Not only do I feel inspired to tell stories like The Woman King, but also to conduct my personal life in a way that empowers me and the women in my life."

-Kiana Madeira


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5. After a tough day, she likes to unwind by getting into comfy clothes and cuddling up with her fiancé.

"We love watching movies together. I also love to journal and write down my thoughts and feelings. It really helps me slow down and make sense of myself, which is especially important when I've had a tough or chaotic day. Lastly, I love reading fiction novels. They're a place I can escape to that is just for me; no pressure, no expectations. Just silence and imagination."

-Kiana Madeira

6. Kiana love for Bree Winslow to play her in a movie about her life.

"We play sisters in my newest film, Perfect Addiction, and our familiarity is intense! We have a very similar ethnic background and our essence is so alike. She is also a fantastic actor and the movie would be great if she was cast!"

-Kiana Madeira

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7. People can tend to have some misconceptions about her Scorpio zodiac sign.

"It's funny because whenever I tell people that I'm a Scorpio, their reaction is 'Oh—dangerous!" or something along those lines, but I like to think I am a very safe and approachable person! I think Scorpios are intense, and yes, I am intense. Thankfully, I'm an artist and have an outlet for my intensity, which is likely why I come across as a grounded and peaceful individual. Scorpios are also known to be jealous, and I think that manifests in me as being very competitive. I don't like to lose. So there are definitely characteristics of Scorpios that I can relate to!"

-Kiana Madeira


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8. Her favorite place to eat is Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar, a plant-based restaurant in Toronto.

"My go-to order is the Powerhouse bowl on rice, with crispy tofu cubes instead of the grilled tofu cubes. Delicious! I also love their dragon fries—fries with miso gravy, chilies, scallions and sesame seeds. Yum!"

-Kiana Madeira

9. If she could only ever buy her clothes from one place, it'd have to be Saks Fifth Avenue.

10. Her most-used emoji is the giggling monkey face 🙊

11. Her first-ever crush was Danny Zuko from Grease.

"I would go as far as saying I was in love with him!"

-Kiana Madeira

12. Kiana's faith is critical to who she is as a human being.

"I am a follower of Jesus Christ and the love that Jesus has for all of us is the most peaceful, comforting and energizing presence when we accept it. Having a relationship with Jesus is core to who I am and is the reason why I smile and pursue my dreams every day. We live in a world that is extremely chaotic and beautiful, and having God as my compass has led me to be the woman that I am today. I want my fans to know that this peace is available for anyone and everyone who needs it!"

-Kiana Madeira

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