Everything You Wanted to Know About Filipina Singer-Songwriter Kiana V

Kiana V is already a superstar in her native Philippines, but these days, she's splitting time between her home in Manila and pursuing her career in L.A., and we don't think it'll be long before she's just as big here in the states.

The talented R&B singer-songwriter released her stunning Dazed EP in July, and its dreamy title song, in particular, has been stuck in our heads ever since. We can't wait to see her U.S. career take off, and here's everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Kiana V Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: DJ Magbanua)

Name: Kristiana (Kiana) Valenciano

Hometown: Antipolo, Philippines

Birthday: December 21

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. Kiana's favorite movie genre is thrillers, and she has a funny habit of watching them.

"I'm not too fun to watch them with because I love trying to guess how it's going to end."

-Kiana V

2. She also adores period films, and spends a lot of time wondering how much about them is fact, versus how much is fiction.

3. Lately, she hasn't been able to stop listening to R&B artist Hope Tala.

"'All My Girls Like To Fight' keeps me sane.

-Kiana V

4. Her biggest hero is her mamita.

"She always made sure everyone around her felt, seen, heard and loved. I miss her a lot."

-Kiana V

5. If she could travel in the world for a week, she'd pick Mallorca, saying it would be paradise.

6. Her fictional crushes have been Dimitri from the animated film Anastasia and Wade Walker, Johnny Depp's character in Cry-Baby.

7. Her favorite weather is when it's sunny with a cool breeze.

8. The weirdest rumor she's ever heard about herself was pretty wild.

"That I was the side chick of one of my best friend's exes, and that the guy I was dating at the time was our beard. WTF? Who does that?!"

-Kiana V

9. Her favorite colors are placid and periwinkle blue.

"For some reason, these colors always calmed me as a kid."

-Kiana V

10. Her musical influences are pretty varied.

"I grew up listening to Brandy, Aaliyah, Ashanti and Christina and so I'm heavily influenced by their music. But my dad also introduced me to artists like Al Jarreau, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and more, who have been constant sources of inspiration, too."

-Kiana V

11. When she's looking for inspiration, she turns to the people around her—her family and friends.

"They really do keep me going. The people I have around me are all so amazing at helping me draw from places I initially think I can't."

-Kiana V

12. Kiana says her sensitivity is core to who she is.

"I pay attention to who and what makes me feel most alive. I can't really invest myself in anything that makes me feel any less."

-Kiana V


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