9 Quirky and Cool Kickstarters We'd Gladly Fund

Some of the kookiest, coolest and most innovative projects are becoming a reality thanks to Kickstarter—a crowdfunding platform that's focused primarily on creativity.

If you've ever perused the site, you've seen hundreds of ingenius projects with the potential to become a reality from the help of a community willing to fund their dreams.

Although there are so many amazing projects worth investing in on the site, we've rounded up nine of our all-time favorites. Scroll below to see our top picks.


This amazing desk toy is any fidgeter's dream. It stands upright on a table until you interact with it and make it flip, roll and do tricks. The possibilities are endless and the entertainment value is priceless.

Check out the Kickstarter and some of the cool moves you can create with this desk toy HERE.

MOKURU desk toy

(via Kickstarter)


Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer

This cool gadget is brought to us by Steadicam, the original camera stabilization choice of Hollywood. The Steadicam Volt will allow you to take smooth and shake-free videos right from your phone. With easily accessible equipment like this, who knows who will be the next Spielberg!

Check out everything this product can do HERE

Steadicam camera from Kickstarter

(via Kickstarter)



Taking selfies just got so much easier thanks to the SELFLY Camera. This flying phone case camera allows you to take selfies hands-free and capture your best moments. It's like an invisible tripod. So clever.

Check out the Kickstarter and fund this beauty HERE.

SELFFLY drone camera case

(via SELFLY)


Dinosaur Island

You never knew you needed a dinosaur-themed board game until now, did you? This game is all about creating the world's greatest dinosaur theme park. Don't you want to get in on this action?

Check out how to bring the dinosaurs back with this Kickstarter HERE.

Dinosaur Island board game

(via Kickstarter)



Hate camping? Then Skycamp, the perfect roof top tent, might be just what you need on your family's next outdoor adventure. This expandable hard shell roof top tent sits on top of your car so you don't have to lay on the cold, hard ground. Genius much?

Check out this game-changing Kickstarter HERE.

Skycamp the perfect roof top tent

(via Kickstarter)



Bring some tranquility into your life with this ultra relaxing jellyfish aquarium. Yep, you heard us right. This sleek little tank is designed specifically so that the water flow mimics that of the ocean's tide. Too bad the jelly fish aren't included! Either way, we know what we're putting on our wish list for our next birthday.

Check out this crazy cool Kickstarter HERE

JellyTank on Kickstarter

(via Kickstarter)



Music-lover's rejoice, LOVE is the world's first intelligent turntable. This turntable reads vinyl records, connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can be controlled by an app. Man, technology these days.

Check out this incredible Kickstarter HERE.

LOVE the intelligent turntable from Kickstarter

(via Kickstarter)



Pixelvar is light-painting evolved! This handheld wand allows you to display light-generated paintings right before your eyes. All you have to do is press the button on your Pixelvar and upload pictures from your phone and onto the Pixelvar app to project them. Is your mind blown?

Check out the Kickstarter HERE

Pixelvar light wand creating Nintendo's Mario

(via Kickstarter)



If you love old school cassettes, we've got just the thing for you: TAYBLES Cassette Tape Coffee Table. The features on this thing are just as cool as the design, considering it's equipped with a dry erase top, stainless steel cup holders and a hidden shelf. Totally retro, and totally rad.

Check out this awesome Kickstarter HERE.

A coffee table that looks like a cassette

(via Kickstarter)


These aren't the only Kickstarters we're currently pumped about. Check out THIS Lisa Frank makeup collection that could become a reality if funded!