Kids Try Foods for the First Time- Video Pick Of the Day!

Sometimes foods can be surprising. What's better than the expressive facial reactions we see when kids try foods for the first time?

Kids try foods for the first time - Vegemite

How would you react to your first taste of the Australian yeast extract spread, Vegemite?

This awesome video documents kids as they try foods including lemons, anchovies, and olives for the very first time!

The video was filmed at an impressive 500 frames per second, so you can catch every millisecond of disappointment on these kids' faces as they get their first taste of these anchovies, Vegemite, oranges, pickled onion, olive, lemon gherkin, and yogurt. We can imagine that these flavors were a bit of a shock to these unsuspecting kids!

Which kid's reaction is your favorite?