Kimberley Bond, AKA Rubenesquex3, Talks Beauty!

Kimberley Bond is a beauty and makeup guru best known for by her handle, "Rubenesquex3." She uploaded her first video more than four years ago and hasn't stopped since!Kimberley Bond

Kimberley spoke with us about how she first got interested in beauty, and how that passion propelled her to where she is today!

Kimberley has been interested in fashion and beauty for most of her life.

"I was definitely that little kid who would walk around in my mother's heels and play with her lipsticks," Kimberley said.

When she saw that there was a thriving community of girls interested in beauty online, she knew she'd fit right in.

"I knew right away I wanted to be part of it and share what I knew," she said. "I kind of became obsessed with learning new makeup tips and watching all these fashion videos so the more I found out, the more I wanted to make a video sharing what I knew."

Her handle "Rubenesquex3" is based on the Rubenesque paint pot by MAC.

"It was actually my very first high end cosmetic product and for whatever reason, I'm still not 100% sure to be absolutely honest, I made in my username," she said. "I just added the 'x3′ on the end because, when you turn your head sideways, it looks like a heart! Looking back I wish I picked something easier to pronounce but at least it's unique!"

When Kimberley started gaining subscribers on her channel, she was surprised to say the least.

"I had absolutely no method to my madness for the first few months so I was shocked that people actually subscribed!" she said. "I remember when I hit 500 subscribers and I thought that was SO many people."

Now, she has more than 65,000 subscribers. Hitting 50,000 was a huge milestone, and she's well on her way to the next one.

"I'm just trying to picture a stadium full of 50,000 people and ti's crazy to think that's how many people have subscribed to my channel," she said. "Sometimes it doesn't' click that there's actually THAT many people because I'm just talking to one little camera."

Kimberley's timeliness helped to fuel her popularity.

"The changing seasons and holidays are really the driving force behind my inspiration," she said. "I love being able to have content that fits the time of year."

Currently, Kimberley is brainstorming for the coming month with ideas Halloween-themed videos.

She also loves being able to film in new locations, such as the beach, campus, or exotic vacation locales, because it opens up options when it comes to editing and makes for some interesting scenery changes.

Kimberley said that other girls who want to be beauty gurus themselves should believe in themselves and devote time to their art.

"Patience is definitely a virtue," she said. "As long as you are having fun and just being yourself than your viewers will see that and your channel will grow."

She also suggests girls ignore any negativity directed toward them.

"The best thing to do is ignore the comment, delete it, and focus on the positive!" she said.

Kimberley devotes most of her time to working and her music, meaning she doesn't get a lot of free time.

"When I do have free time I love to just be outside," she said. "In the winter I'm always ice-skating, and in the summer I'm either on a boat, at the beach, or just in the pool. I definitely love being outside!"

One of her major inspirations is a woman named Marlena who is best known as MakeupGeekTV.

"She's built her own cosmetic company, is incredibly talented from a makeup artistry stand-point, and I really admire how she carries herself," Kimberley said. "She's someone who radiates positivity in her videos and leaves you with a happy feeling. I've always tried to emulate that on my channel as well."

Most of all, Kimberley is grateful for the people that have stood by her all along.

"Thank you so much for always supporting me and helping me make my dreams come true! It means so much to say I have almost 70,000 best friends, or as my subscribers have named themselves, my 'x3army,'" she said. "You guys mean the world to me!"

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