I Learned to Be Kinder to Myself and It Changed My Life Dramatically

It's taken me so long to to figure out that being kind and loving to myself makes me a happier person.

I finally got into the habit of telling myself: You are important. When you are happy with yourself and love yourself no matter what, you become unstoppable.

It all started with a dream I had that I finally brought to life! I started a blog about Kate Middleton and Prince William called The Duchess Diary, and nothing is more satisfying than hitting that "publish" button on a story and watching reader reactions.

I don't expect each of you to start a blog or necessarily share my exact interests, but in general, there was a path I took to become fulfilled. See below for a little guidance.

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1. Start Doing Something That Interests You

Whether it's a sport, a school subject (I'm a huge history nerd) or a hobby, explore that interest and figure out why you like it so much. You may have tapped into your passion, which is the driving force behind a lot of people's success. You know that saying, "Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life?" It's true!

I discovered that I really liked writing, especially about royalty. My interest turned into a passion, and I started to realize that people want to read my work.

When we start to become good at something, our confidence builds. Who knows? You might become so good at what you do, others will take notice.


2. Be Grateful

No matter what is going on in your life, make sure to take a moment and smile about all of the amazing things you are lucky enough to have. Whether it's a BFF, a beloved pup or even something small like a compliment from a stranger, they each add up to something big!

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3. Give Back

When you put the focus on helping someone or volunteering for a good cause, you're not only making a difference and doing some good, you're also putting perspective on how fortunate you are in your own life (hey, wasn't I just talking about this?☺️).  Helping others is a selfless, beautiful thing.


4. Take Your Own Advice

We are all guilty of beating ourselves up, but can you imagine talking to someone else the way you to yourself? No way!

So you turned beet-red when your crush said hi to you. So what? You are definitely not the first girl to do so, and you won't be the last! Give yourself a break and don't be afraid to give yourself a pep talk when it's needed. Look in the mirror and realize that you are your best friend!


5. Try Something New (Even Better–Try Something That Scares You)

Remember the first time you went on a roller coaster? It looked super scary when you stood in line, and you were totally going to back out and just watch everyone scream excitedly from afar.

Guess what–you got on that roller coaster and it was terrifying. But it was also exhilarating and you can't believe you almost missed it! Or how about that time you tried out for cheer? You were scared of getting turned down, but you ended up becoming one of the squad's stars!

I ran my first half-marathon this year, and I was so nervous in the two days leading up to it that I almost drove myself crazy. But guess what? I did it! And I couldn't believe it after. I never thought I would be able to run 13.1 miles! The pride I felt afterward is something I can't wait to experience again.

Take that leap of faith, talk to that cute boy, take a risk! As long as you're not putting yourself in danger, you are opening yourself up to new experiences and making fantastic memories. The best part? You can say to yourself, "I can't believe I did that!"

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Practicing kindness not only to myself, but to others, is a really amazing thing.

Remember, the most important relationship you have is with you!


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