Kira Kosarin Discusses Playing Phoebe Thunderman!

The Thundermans is a new Nickelodeon sitcom about a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life in the suburbs. Actress Kira Kosarin plays 14-year-old daughter to the family, Phoebe Thunderman.

We chatted with Kira Kosarin about getting to where she is today, and the best parts of being on the Thundermans cast!

Acting was in Kira's blood from the start. Both of her parents were Broadway actors, so Kira grew up around theater and always knew she wanted to be a performer.

She took dance classes, sang, and acted, and did whatever she could to hone her craft. Eventually, she discovered she wanted to work in front of the camera.

"I did an acting for camera workshop in Florida and fell in love immediately with it," Kira said. "It was so much fun to act in front of a camera. I knew I wanted to be an onscreen actor."

Phoebe Thunderman is a teenage girl with superpowers who keeps them secret because she just wants to lead a normal life.

"Phoebe is a strong superhero," she said. "She has a lot of powers, while the other members in her family have just one power, except for her twin brother Max who is evil," Kira explained.

She's also super smart, and a straight A student.

"Phoebe is an intellectual," Kira said. "She loves math, and is kind of nerdy, which I totally relate to. She's trying to navigate having a social life, dealing with boys (she has a crush), friends, and hiding her superpowers, including freeze breath, telekinesis and other fun stuff."

If Kira was a superhero herself, she said she would also be likely to keep her super powers secret, at least for a while.

"When you're growing up there's a lot of pressure and responsibility as a young teenager," she said. "Being a superhero on top of that, when you have homework and boys and all that stuff to think about adds an extra level of pressure. In school you should focus on dealing with normal problems and having friends. Maybe later in life you can be a superhero and fight crime."

Kira added that she's similar to Phoebe in a lot of other ways.

"I'm totally like her," Kira said. "We're both super clumsy, and math is our favorite subject. Sometimes I'll say something in real life and the next day it's in the script, totally coincidentally, or I'll do something and the cast will say, 'You are exactly Phoebe!'"

Kira added that it might not be entirely a coincidence.

"I bring my personality into the character and it really shines through," she said. "That's probably why we're so similar."

Even Phoebe's clumsiness reflects in Kira's real life persona!

"I think something a lot of people don't know is that I'm always falling and tripping, even during tapings," she said.

The Thundermans has live tapings of shows on Friday nights. During one of those tapings a few weeks ago, Kira tripped and fell right in the middle of the scene.

"Jack, who plays Max, kind of just said to the audience, 'She falls all the time'" she said. "I'm so used to it at this point. People tell me that since I'm a dancer I shouldn't be falling and should be able to walk, but I guess that's not the case!"

If she could have superpowers of her own, Kira would pick a couple of go-to powers, plus one that's a little out of the box!

"Obviously being able to fly or have telekinesis would be awesome powers," Kira said. "But a really practical power is I wish I could sleep one or two hours a night and be rested and happy and peppy in the morning. There's not enough time in the day to act, hang out with friends, and everything else I love to do, so it would be awesome to have 22 hours in the day to be awake."

Kira said her favorite scenes to film so far were ones where things explode and people get slimed.

"I got slimed twice in one episode, which was a cool rite of passage on Nickelodeon," she said. "It's like we're Nick official now that we've been slimed! It was a dream come true, and to be honest it made my hair super soft."

Tune into Nickelodeon this Saturday to catch the show's premiere, and stay tuned for interviews with the rest of the cast!

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