Get to Know Kirby Buckets' Jacob Bertrand Better Than Ever

Jacob Bertrand can really do it all.

The Kirby Buckets star acts, plays guitar and draws, so basically, talented is quite the understatement. Plus, he's the star of The Swap, premiering this Friday on The Disney Channel.

That's why we decided he absolutely needed to be our #MCM this week. We learned a few more fun things about Jacob that we've been itching to share. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

Jacob Bertrand MCM art

(Photo Credit: Nate Taylor)

Name: Jacob Bertrand

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: March 6

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Food: Orange Chicken

Fun Facts

1. His favorite musicians include Jimmy Page, Jack White—and John Mayer, who he's been playing on guitar. The years-long guitar player recently mastered the singer's song, "In Your Atmosphere." Oh, if only he would sing it for us, too. ????

Learning "In Your Atmosphere" By John Mayer. Hahahah

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2. Like his alter ego Kirby, he loves writing stories and drawing new characters. Who knows, maybe one day Jacob will have his own animated show, too.

3. He has two dogs named Arista and Rocky. This adorable TBT pic showed us just how perfect Arista is, but we're suffering from a lack of Rocky pics over here (hint, hint Jacob).

#Tbt to my amazing fashion style, and #Arista????????????????????

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4. He has major Monopoly skills. As a bonus, he plays with his mom on the regular. If that's not man-crush worthy enough for you then we don't know what is.


Hahahhaha beat my mom really bad in Monopoly the othe night

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5. He recently got his license and loves taking his new Jeep off-roading. A view like that is definitely worth the drive, right?

Passed my driving test a couple days ago. So we went up to big bear for my first off-road trip. #Rubicon @jeep

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6. If it isn't obvious by now, he has a taste for the bold. Camping, off roading, skateboarding and skiing are just a few of his favorite activities. If that's not awesome enough, he does most of them with his dad, too.


Jacob is clearly all about being adventurous, and you can do the same by reading THIS inspiring advice about following your wildest dreams.