Pentatonix's Kirstin Maldonado Debuts Heartfelt Solo Single

Pentatonix fans, are you ready for this?

Kirstin Maldonado has just released her debut solo single and it's just as amazing as you'd expect.

Listen to her new single below, along with a few other New Music Friday tracks we're digging, to get ready for the weekend.

1. "Break a Little" by Kirstin

This single is everything we could've wanted from Kirstin and then some. She leaves it all out there in this emotional song and performance. We can't wait for more to come from this little lady!


2. "Nice2KnoU" by All Time Low

All Time Low definitely stirred up a wide array of feelings with their video for their hard-hitting single "Nice2KnoU." Following the band to notable locations in their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, this vid pays homage to the people and places that got them to where they are today. Yep, we're crying.


3. "Dime" by Rachel Crow

It's been a long time since our girl Rachel Crow debuted new music, so we were stoked when she dropped "Dime." Poppy and upbeat, listening to this empowering song will remind you how much you're really worth.


4. "Barricade" by Janelle Kroll

Catchy and uplifting, Janelle Kroll's "Barricade" captures how it feels to be completely invested in a relationship. You'd do just about anything to protect them, like a metaphorical barricade. Send this song to someone you love so they know how much you really care.


5. "My Life" by Mali Music

Here to enlighten you is Mali Music's newest single "My Life." His all-too-truthful words will weigh heavy on your mind, causing you to question if you're really doing what's best for you in this life.


To make listening easier wherever you are, follow the playlist below:


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