If You Love Organizing, You Need These Kitchen Items From Etsy

If you've gotten into Organization TikTok, you know how calming and satisfying it can feel to get your life together.

Lately, we've been all about organizing our kitchens. Whether it's spices, the fridge or even the pantry, there's always something that needs organizing. Keep reading for our must-have kitchen items from Etsy!

Minimalist Pantry Labels: Starting From $12

Simply put, we're obsessed with these pantry labels. You can get the standard set, or, you can custom make your own. Whether it's something as common as sugar and flour, or uncommon as roasted pine nuts and collagen powder, the options are limitless!

pantry labels

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Modern Spice Labels: Starting From $10

If you liked the pantry labels, you'll obsess over these spice labels. You can purchase standard sets, which includes spices like sea salt, basil and garlic powder, or, you can create custom labels! We love how chic and minimalist this looks—a must-have in any kitchen.

spice labels

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Floating Rustic Shelf: Starting From $29

If you want to show off your new organization goodies, we suggest a floating shelf, like this rustic-inspired one! Whether you use it to store your spices or bigger items for flour and sugar, we think this is a great way to keep everything tidy in an appealing way.

floating shelves

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Measuring Conversion Chart: Starting From $13

If you hate doing math in your head, especially when it comes to conversions in the kitchen, you should definitely invest in this conversion chart. We love the idea of styling this inside a cabinet so it's not such an eyesore. Plus, you won't have to Google conversions ever again!

measurements kitchen

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K Cup Holder: Starting From $36.99

If you're a Keurig lover, we guarantee you'll find this K Cup holder to be very beneficial. Instead of throwing your K Cups into a miscellaneous drawer, make it cute with this holder! Hand cut from solid wood, this is available in multiple colors, so there's something for everyone!

k cup holder

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Bamboo Canisters (Set of 5): $72.59

If you loved the pantry labels, you should get something like these bamboo canisters to put them on! We're especially digging this set of five because it comes in different sizes. There's nothing more boring than uniformity, so this breaks it up a bit.

glass canisters bamboo lids kitchen

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Plastic Fridge Organizers: $22.95

This definitely won't be for everyone, because, let's face it, keeping the fridge clean is a struggle. However, if you accept the challenge, these fridge organizers will seriously change your life. Stackable with handles, these plastic bins are great for storing anything from fruit to veggies to snacks and more!

kitchen fridge organizers

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