These Adorable Kittens Were the Cutest Commuters on a Train in Japan

Hold your leashes, dog-lovers, because this adorable train ride might just convert you into a cat person.

On Sept. 10, 30 sweet kittens took over the the Yoro Railway Co Ltd. in Japan. Armed with a collection of toys, the cats were given free range to roam about the train and interact with the passengers.

The cats are permanent residents of the Kitten Café Sanctuary, but they took a special field trip that day to raise awareness for kitten adoptions. The human passengers on the train were simply delighted with their new travel companions, and spent their morning commute playing with the entertaining and lively kittens.

Even though dogs are still the more popular animal in Japan, places like the Kitten Café Sanctuary are fighting for their residents, and cat adoptions are on the rise.

Dogs might be cool, but we would've loved to be on board for this cat-tactic experience!

Click HERE to see a video of the cuddly cats' adventurous train ride.


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