We Snagged That 'Kitten Fur' Perfume the Internet Can't Stop Talking About—Here's What It ACTUALLY Smells Like

Just a couple of weeks ago, a new (and extremely interesting) fragrance made its way to the market—"Kitten Fur" perfume.

Yep, you read that correctly. Demeter Fragrance, which aims to make perfume that reminds people of everyday living, released a fragrance that smells just like a cuddly kitten.

As a cat enthusiast myself, I knew I needed to get my paws hands, on the product, so I reached out to the CEO of the company, Mark Crames, who swiftly sent over a bottle. Scroll below to see my honest opinion on the scent and read a few words from the man who created the product, himself.

When I opened up the package containing my new perfume, I could hardly contain my excitement. I grew up with cats and kittens in my childhood, but I can't say I remember the distinct smell of any of them.

Kitten Fur fragrance bottle

What fascinated me most about this product then, and even now, is that someone was inspired to create it based on past experiences.

Before spritzing the perfume on myself, I decided to reach out to Mark and discover the true reason he was inspired to create this unique fragrance.

"Because Demeter is about prioritizing the scents of everyday living, we think of fragrance a bit differently than most," Mark explained. "So the approach was not about materials, but about experience—and it was my cat, Dreads, who was the target subject. I was trying to convey a warm, slightly sweet, almost olfactory experience with this scent. That was my target."

With that in mind, I sprayed the perfume on my wrist and took a whiff—but what I smelled was not at all what I expected. I didn't expect the perfume to smell bad per se, but I also didn't expect it to smell good. So what did it smell like? Just like Mark described!

Brittney smelling Kitten Fur perfume

It has a warm and almost vanilla musk-like scent that is extremely fresh. I could picture myself spritzing this on myself on a morning I feel like I need a pick-me-up.

Does it smell like kittens? That's hard to say, seeing as I haven't owned or held a kitten in quite some time, but I will say that it smells just as I'd hope and imagine a cuddly kitten would smell.

If you're looking for a new scent, or you're like me and just really wish you had a kitten, I would highly recommend checking out this product! You can pick up your very own purrrfect bottle HERE! ????


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