Use One of These Purr-fect Punny Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Kitten Heels

We've ditched our high heels in exchange for kitten heels.

Not only are they way comfier, but they also take up less space. They're adorable and we're pretty much obsessed with them. We don't know about you, but we plan on rocking them year-round. Do you like them as much as we do? Keep scrolling for some punny Instagram captions to show off your kitten heels.

For when you're showing off your shoe collection:

"You've got to be kitten me with these heels."



For that pic of your shopping bags:

"Fur-ever buying shoes."



For when you're obsessed with your kitten heels:

"My new kitten heels are purr-fect."



For that picture of you rocking your heels:

"Throwing on my new kitten heels right meow."



For when you're striking a model pose:

"Feline fabulous."



For that photo of you in your best-dressed outfit:

"I feel purr-ty."



For when you want to show off your new killer heels:

"How paw-some are my new kitten heels?"



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