This Kitten Will Steal Your Money, But He Gives It to a Good Cause

Some cats like toys, some cats like lasers, but this cat has an affinity for a different plaything—cash!

Meet Cashnip Kitty, the cutest little thief we ever did see.

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A permanent resident of a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cashnip Kitty has been a valuable part of the office environment. Some of his favorite hobbies include chasing mice and other critters away, lounging on his coworker's keyboards, and stealing cash from unassuming passerby.

The office workers discovered Cashnip Kitty's funny habit when they started to notice random dollar bills near the front door of the office. After their initial dismay at the origins of the money, they became suspicious of their lovable office cat.

On a hunch, the workers decided to stick a dollar bill through the slot in the front door, assuming that people on the street were doing the same thing in an effort to play with the office cat. Sure enough, the kitten jumped and grabbed the money right out of their hand, pulling it through the door slot.

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After the workers discovered what was going on, they decided to use the cat's penchant for thieving for the greater good. They placed a sign on the door warning outside foot traffic that the adorable kitten would indeed steal their money, but all of it would be donated to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Since Cashnip Kitty was homeless before the office workers adopted him, his philanthropic mission seemed fitting.

So far, the kitten has raised more than $100 for the Center, and he's not done yet.

Click HERE to see Cashnip Kitty in action!


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