15 KJ Apa Tweets That Are Pure Gold

KJ Apa is a legend if there ever was one.

Like many of you, we fell for the New Zealander when he first appeared on our TV screens as Archie Andrews in Riverdale. We haven't stopped swooning over him since.

While we do love watching him on Riverdale, we're also massive fans of his over-the-top Tweets.

Scroll below for 15 of KJ's Tweets that are pure gold:

When he expressed his unwavering love for Netflix (same!):


When he knew how to accentuate his best features:


When he pretty much summed it all up:


When he asked the tough questions:


When he told us who his real friends are:


When he became the horse whisperer:


When he was concerned about our well-being post-Riverdale:


When he was way ahead of the trends:


When he just really wanted to be Spider-Man:


When we questioned his affection for the superhero:


When he said exactly what we were all thinking:


When we couldn't see his tweet, but still related to it:


When he didn't quite understand the proper way to use #yolo:


When he was the ultimate Bughead shipper:


When he went all tumblr on us:


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