This Koala's Unexpected Canoe Ride is the Cutest Thing We've Seen Today

Being one with nature took on a whole new meaning for this group of college students who saved a stranded koala.

On a four day outdoor educational trip in South Wales, a group of students from La Trobe University in Melbourne came across a particularly needy new friend. During their end-of-trip canoe ride, the students spotted the cuddly koala on a gum tree in the middle of the river.

Given the fast current surrounding the tree that would make it difficult for the koala to swim and the eager way he was eyeing the approaching canoes, it is entirely possible that the furry little fella had been stranded for a couple of days.

The students quickly took action, hopping into the river and gently guiding one of the canoes under their stranded friend. The koala carefully climbed down from his perch and hopped gratefully into the boat. He patiently took a seat and waited to be ferried to shore. As soon as the canoe was close enough, the koala gratefully hopped down to the comfort of dry land.

The encounter was especially exciting for the college students, who had never seen a koala up close, and we're sure the cuddly marsupial was especially thankful for their quick-thinking assistance.

Click HERE for the full video of the koala's rescue!


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