6 Incredible Korean Beauty Trends That Are Going to Be Huge!

It's no secret that Korea is dominating the beauty game globally.

Their technology in both skincare and makeup is lightyears ahead, and the world really took notice last year with a surge of Korean beauty products pouring into the States via sites like Sokoglam.com and Peachandlily.com. And now, Sephora even has a whole wall dedicated to Korean beauty products!

Korean teen beauty with clear skin

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We'll admit, we were super curious when we heard that snails were an actual ingredient in some Korean beauty products. Real snails. And who doesn't love ending the day with a soothing sheet mask? But—what's next for Korean beauty? We've rounded up the newest, craziest K Beauty fads that are sure to take off this year.

1. Filter Creams

Think of this as the pretty Snapchat filter for your face. No, seriously—these creams are legitimately filters for your face. According to Charlotte Cho, founder of Sokoglam.com, "A filter cream is a regular moisturizer, but it also blurs imperfections and also makes your complexion look luminous and dewy thanks to ingredients such as pearl powder and pearl extract." Try out Son & Park's Beauty Filter Cream or  Eborian's Pink Perfect Creme.



2. Jamsu aka "Diving" or "Submerging"

Okay, this one is a little crazy. This Korean beauty trend claims that dusting your face with baby powder and then submerging your face in a bowl of cold water for 15-30 seconds will make your makeup last all day long. The catch? You apply your foundation and concealer first, then you dust on a heavy coat of baby powder, and then dunk your face in a bowl of cold water. This technique has been compared to the wildly popular makeup technique "baking" and claims that the baking powder sets the makeup, and the water allegedly seals it. It sounds weird and doesn't really make sense, but Today posted this video trying it out and it appears that it really works! Will you be Jamsu-ing this year? We're still on the fence.



3. Lipstick Powder

Lipstick comes in just about every tube, pot, texture, and shade imaginable these days—and now there's a thing called lipstick powder that hails from Korea. It's super fine powder that comes in a small tub with a lip applicator, and transforms from powder into a smoother lipstick-like consistency once it hits the lips. Check out this video from HelloGiggles to see the lipstick powder in action! And, you can try it out yourself with RiRe's lip powder gloss.




4. Sheep Oil

Yes, you read that right—sheep oil. But don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds. Korean beauty brand Kicho has a sheep oil cream that's getting rave reviews, and the sheep oil is actually extracted from the wool of sheep. It's the only animal oil that can be derived without any harm to the animal, and it's supposed to have amazing hydrating properties.


5. Cleansing Sticks

Usually face wash comes in a liquid-like consistency ranging from gels to oils, but not anymore! Cleansing sticks are all the range in Korea right now, thanks to a K Beauty cult-favorite SU:M 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. So how does it work? After wetting your face, apply the cleanser directly from the stick onto your skin and rub it around in a circular motion as it suds up. This is said to improve circulation and help brighten the skin. The other added bonus is that cleansing sticks are great for travel because they're a solid! Some other brands to try are Boscia's Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick and Belif's Cleansing Stick.



6. The 10-Step Scalp Routine

As if the 10-step Korean skincare routine wasn't enough, Charlotte Cho is predicting the next huge Korean beauty craze will be a 10-step routine focusing on the scalp. The steps are similar, like exfoliating and using a hair essence, only for your scalp. It's been said that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, so we're into trying this one (er, 10) out.


So there you have it–the six Korean beauty trends that are sure to blow up in 2017. If you're itching for more out-of-the-box beauty, WHY not try making your own DIY nail polish?