9 Selfie-Approved Face Masks That Will Bring Your Skin Back to Life!

Anyone who considers their beauty routine tedious obvi hasn't played around with the slew of Korean products that are on the market today.

If you haven't already hopped on the sheet mask train, get on board because these are changing the skin game for good without breaking the bank!

Because masks on the market today are just as much about skin care as they are about fun, we've collected nine of the most innovative and totally beautiful Korean face masks that will up your selfie game!

Say cheese and scroll below:

1. This Sugar Skull Face Mask – $5.00

This mask is made to hydrate your skin to the max. If you put it in direct sunlight for one minute and then take it into a dark space, it will glow! Okay, what?!

Sugar Skull Face Mask

(via Imomoko)

2. This Adorable Dog Mask – $5.00

This mask is excellent for any girl struggling with dry, dehydrated skin. It's also perfect for the girl who loves using the dog Snapchat filter. Don't you see the resemblance? Snap away once you put this work of art on your face.

Dog Face Mask

(via Imomoko)

3. This Purrfect Cat Mask – $5.00

Calling all cat lovers! This mask contains milk protein, witch hazel and vitamin E, so it's ideal for anyone seeking soft, dewy, hydrated skin! We love the whole look of this mask and think the fish-in-mouth bit puts this at peak cuteness.

Cat Face Mask

(via Imomoki)

4. This Blue-Heart Jester Mask – $4.00

This, to us, screams costume makeup. Everything from the hearts to the checkers is over the top, and we're not complaining. This mask contains rose flower and witch hazel extract, doing wonders for your skin's firmness. Yaaas, please.

Heart Face Mask

(via Imomoko)

5. These Masks Are Fit For A Super Hero – $8.50

Okay, these Captain America and Iron Man masks could basically pass as Halloween costumes. They're so detailed and cool enough that even your brother will probably want to try one on. We don't blame him!

Captain America and Iron Man Face Masks

(via Isshin-d0 Honpo)

6. This Spooky Monster Face Mask – $4.00

We're ready to scare some people with this Frankenstein-inspired mask. If you're feeling like you need to give your skin some new life, throw this on and then march around the house monster-style. The reactions you'll get will be priceless!

Monster Face Mask

(via Isshin-do Honpo)

7. This Too-Cute Genie Mask – $4.30

Have you ever seen a beauty product this adorable? We think not. Put this thing on, and next thing you know, you'll be a walking, talking cartoon.

Genie Face Mask

(via Isshin-d0 Honpo)

8. These Beyond Amazing Nightmare Before Christmas Masks – $8.25

This is the beauty product of every Disney lover's wildest dreams. These Jack Skeleton and Sally masks will help make sure your skin doesn't become a living nightmare! ?

Nightmare Before Christmas Face Masks

(via Isshin-do Honpo)

9. This ~Mysterious~ Festival Mask – $2.00

In our opinion, this is by far the most glam mask of them all. It's best for giving you that sought-after glowy look. After one of these, you'll be all set for your next masquerade!

Festival Face Mask

(via SokoGlam!)


We told you beauty products could be fun! If you're looking for even more of our fave beauty must-haves, check out the five DIY face masks that will totally bring your skin back to life HERE!