Transform Your Old Clothes Into a Cute Korok Plush With This DIY

If you've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildchances are you've fallen in love with the Koroks.

This DIY for creating a plush Korok out of your old, unused clothes will help you take your love for these woodland critters way beyond the confines of the game.

finished korok plushie in gravel

Before you get started, you'll need to gather a few objects:

  • Old clothing (I used a pair of jeans, but you can use whatever material you like)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing needles and pins
  • Cotton balls or some other form of stuffing
  • A black marker
  • A printer and paper

denim Korok DIY supplies

Start by making your fabric easy to work with, cutting it apart at the seams to create big, flat pieces of material.

denim korok diy torn jeans

Next, print out one of the adorable Korok stencils below. I created ones for each of the Koroks you can find throughout Breath of the Wild, as well as a stencil for my Wind Waker favorite, Makar. I created Kula, but the steps will be the same, regardless of the Korok type you select. Also feel free to mix and match bodies with leaves if you prefer!



Korok Rown plushie maple leaf stencil



Korok Hollo Maca plushie lips leaf stencil



Korok Elma plushie lily pad leaf stencil



Korok Tasho Oakin plushie winking leaf stencil



Korok Olivio plushie mask leaf stencil



Korok plush aldo stencil



korok plush walton stencil



Korok plushie Linder clover leaf stencil



Korok Irch plushie long leaf stencil



Korok plushie makar stencil


Once you've printed your stencil of choice, carefully cut it out with your scissors. Pick which side of the material you want to be the outside of the Korok. You'll want to trace around the stencil with the black marker on the opposite side.

Korok plushie denim tracing

Now, cut around the black outline you've created, leaving about ¼ inch of material around said outline.

korok denim cutout

Next, place both sides of the material together, with the black outlines facing inward. Use pins or needles to secure the two sides together before you sew them together.

korok denim pinned

Thread your needle with a couple feet of your sewing thread and tie a knot at the end. Next, using a running stitch, sew both sides of the material together using the black outline inside as a guide. Leave three inches open, for now, to allow for stuffing.

If you don't know how to straight stitch, start by poking the needle straight through the material and bring it through the other side. From this side, move the needle about a quarter of the inch in the desired direction, then poke it back through the fabric. Then repeat this process until you've made it all the way around your shape.

Once you've only got three inches left, fill the shape with stuffing, making sure the small areas are filled.

korok denim stuffed

Once your plushie feels adequately stuffed, finish straight stitching around the perimeter. Secure by making multiple loops around the last stitch. Then trim the excess thread and your Korok's body will be complete! At this point, you can also use scissors to clean up the shape and create shaper edges.

korok denim stuffed and sewn

Next, create the Korok's leaf face. Cut out the details on the face and trace the stencil onto your material. For contrast, you can use a different color of material.

Cut korok leaf print and trace

With the scissors, cut out the leaf shape. Cutting out the smaller facial details can be tricky, but you can fold the material to get the tiny cuts you need.

Cut korok leaf

If you'd like, you can add detail to the leaf using different types of stitches. Here, I used the running stitch for the lines radiating from the center toward the edges, and an overcast stitch around the edges. This involves poking the needle through the material, looping the thread back around and poking back through on the same side after moving about ¼ of an inch.

korok leaf with details

Before fixing the leaf face to the body, place the leaf on top to get an idea of where it will rest. If you'd like, you can use the black marker to draw on the body to make the facial details pop.

korok leaf and finished body with permanent marker

Last but not least, use pins to secure the face in place and use the running stitch to secure the face to the body. If the parts of the leaf sticking away from the body feel too flimsy, you can strengthen them with a glue stick.

finished korok plushie green background

Yahaha! After that step, your Korok will be complete and ready to go on all kinds of adventures. Hide him under rocks and atop trees for travelers to find—or snuggle up with him at home while you play.

finished korok plushie hiding in tree


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