Kuddles Takes Your Pets and Prints Them on THE Cutest Oversized Hooded Blankets

When you're obsessed with your pets, you'll go to great lengths to showcase your love for them.

For me, that's meant getting into all kinds of the most adorable custom pet products for myself and my family, and when I stumbled upon Kuddles, the custom wearable hooded blanket adorned with pics of your pets, I knew my household needed one. The brand was kind enough to hook me up with a redemption code to go through the process of having my own custom Kuddles made, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results.

The Brand

Kuddles specializes in luxe hoodie blankets featuring photos of your pets—or even friends, family and other loved ones, if that's what you prefer. They make one-size-fits-most oversized hoodies with cruelty-free sherpa fleece lining and a great big pocket on the front, but of course, it's the style itself that has me smitten.

The hoodies can feature photos of up to five faces, submitted by the customer, and is available in 10 colors, with 32 pattern options, from pineapples and sushi to rainbows and more—or you can just leave the background blank. You can also leave notes to the designer to make sure the Kuddles they produce for you is picture-perfect.

Pricing begins at $99.99 for one pet or person, with four additional dollars per face, up to five faces for $115.99. Plus, there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or you get your money back

Kuddles Banner woman wearing kuddle hoodie

(via Kuddles)


The Experience

I was really pleased with how easy it was to set up the order for my Kuddles hoodie. You start by picking the number of people and pets you want on yours (in my case, three, to feature the family dogs Hilda, Magnus and Horace). From there, you pick a background color (I selected light blue) and a pattern for the background (I chose tropical leaves). Then, finally, you upload the photos the team at Kuddles edits to put on the hoodie blanket. I used three separate pics to best represent each of our pups, but here's a photo of all three of them together for reference.

Horae, Hilda and Magnus lying down

There was also a spot for me to leave notes for the designer, such as which face in the image you'd like to feature and how you'd like it to be cropped, but since the photos I included were pretty self-explanatory, I left this blank and went ahead with my purchase.


Kuddles oversized pet hoodie

(via Kuddles)

Now, I just had to wait. The actual creation and processing of Kuddles takes 14 to 16 business days, while the shipping can take 10 to 12 business days, so keep in mind that this can be a bit of a process. After about a month and a half, my Kuddles showed up on my doorstep, and it was finally time to check it out and try it on.


Kuddles hoodie with dogs

And in my opinion, it turned out great. The photos of the dogs' heads are so cute and detailed, and they look super adorable bunched up in different areas over the hoodie, really popping against the blue background and the leaf images.

But even better is how comfy it is. I'm a pretty small person, so it'very oversized on me, but that makes it even more of a huge, cozy blanket. The inside is the softest sherpa fleece, which is great because it's quite chilly where I live at the moment. The exterior is super soft, too, and my pups love hopping right in my lap when I'm wearing it to rest. Even better? If your pups get it messy it can also be conveniently machine washed and tumble dried. I can see myself wearing it all the time this winter, and think other pet-lovers will adore it, too.


Bottom Line

Custom pet products don't generally come cheap, so with prices starting at $100, Kuddles are actually a bit of a steal. They'll cost you a little extra, but the quality of the prints, as well as the way the Kuddles hoodie actually feels, is definitely worth the price. They also take quite a while to put together and ship, so if you're getting one for someone's birthday or a holiday, give yourself plenty of lead time, as they're not created overnight. Believe me—the wait is worth it, too.


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