Kylie and Kendall’s second cosmetic collaboration is here—and it’s just what we needed.

Don’t let the lilac packaging fool you, because this latest Kylie Cosmetics collab features a gorgeous collection of springy, warm colors throughout its different products.


A number of our favorite beauty gurus each received a PR package coming with a face palette, eyeshadow palette, lipgloss and lip crayons. The face palette includes a cream and powder highlight along with a cream and powder blush, while the eyeshadow palette has 18 beautiful matte colors which are all matte. Unexpectedly, only two of the 18 colors are true purple (and don’t particularly match the packaging). The lip crayons come in three very similar but stunning neutral matte shades, and finally, the gloss is fabulously dewy and bright.

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Mikayla Nogueira is one of our fave beauty gurus on TikTok. She’s honest with what she likes and gives genuine reviews on products—including this new collab. While the highlighters in the face palette were a bit too dark for her, she acknowledged their high-quality consistency, and the cream blush looked stunning on her. Next, she discussed the blendable shadows and her love for matte finishes. She also tried the easy-to-apply pigmented lip crayons. She finished off with the gloss and—wow—what a stunning result. Kylie and Kendall got a big thumbs up from Mikayla.

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Alissia’s favorite part of the collection was the face palette. The cream blush mixed so well on her skin, and could be built up as much as she wanted. She used the powder blush to set the cream blush, and combined, the two showed up beautifully together. Alissia also said she’s a huge fan of the highlighters. Of course, she loved the eye shadow because it was pigmented and blendable, and the shiny gloss over the lip crayon was dazzling on her.

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In Kensington’s coverage of the new collab, she explained that the blush was blendable and buildable. In creating a look to recreate the campaign’s vibe, she looked totally snatched. She also commented on how brilliant the names of each color are, and we couldn’t agree more.

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@makeupbybrooktiffany went for a warmer makeup aesthetic with Kylie and Kendall’s new products. She applied four colors from the eyeshadow palette and quickly gave it a 10/10. She also used the cream blush and highlighter. The cream blush was much more natural on her skin tone, while the highlighter kept her face glowing. She decided to line her lips with one crayon and filled them in with another, and it was a genius idea. Her lips cast a phenomenal color combination.

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We go to our girl Kamille because we know we can trust her opinions. When it came to the Kylie Cosmetics collab, she explained that she wouldn’t usually use that color of blush, but she liked how it applies with a brush. The highlighter also looked specular on her skin. Her bright eye shadow choices were incredible, and she even used a light pink color on her cheeks to set her creamy blush foundation. She explained that she worked with the colors that she liked and avoided the colors she didn’t, but she really recommended it either way.

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Kylie Jenner

And for Kylie’s opinion on her own collab, check out Kylie’s look—and the colors she used to create a Kendall-inspired glam look.

@kyliejenner a little kendall inspired glam to start the day 🤍 wearing the entire KENDALL X KYLIE collection launching April 6th 💐 @kyliecosmetics ♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner


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