5 Life Lessons from Kylie Jenner That Apply to All of Us

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity we all feel like we grew up with.

The young entrepreneur has been very open with her fans about her business, family and relationships. Growing up in the spotlight can't be easy, but this businesswoman has been seeding us little nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Read on for five of the biggest life hacks Ms. Jenner has served up for us.

Lesson 1: Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Kylie had a very public "lack of self esteem" episode a couple of years back. Her family's TV show chronicled how upset she was when her career wasn't taking off as much as that of her older sisters. Kendall was on her way to becoming a model and Kylie didn't feel like she had found her calling. She nevertheless persevered and went on to be a makeup mogul and young entrepreneur. It's normal for all of us to feel down once in a while, but it doesn't help when we compare ourselves to others. Kylie proved that life is a long marathon where you have to pace yourself. Success didn't come easily for her but now she is considered even more successful than some of her siblings.

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Lesson 2: Use Criticism to Make You Stronger

The internet went wild trash-talking Kylie and her lips. Other celebrities would've done anything in their power to remove attention from the one thing everybody was harping on online. What did Kylie do? The budding entrepreneur saw a business opportunity and launched a lip kit line. She silenced her haters by developing one of the most talked about products in the beauty industry. Hearing negative things about yourself can be soul-crushing. Nevertheless, you can practice taking that negative energy and putting it towards something positive.

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Lesson 3: Not All Breakups Need to Be Dramatic

Tyga was synonymous with Kylie for many years. The duo was spotted everywhere and seemed to be attached at the hip. Then, just like that, their split happened. Kylie could've used her popularity on social media to trash talk her ex. Instead, Ms. Jenner took the high road and let the romance fizzle outside of the public eye. Although not all of us have millions of followers on Instagram, we can practice this type of restraint when our own relationships fail. It can be a friendship or romantic relationship but this simple rule should still apply: Hold your tongue and the drama.


Lesson 4: Grow Your Business With People You Trust

After experiencing wild success with her makeup line, Kylie was ready to collaborate. She looked no further than her siblings and has launched various capsule collections with Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Being in business is tough, but finding people you trust for projects makes all the difference. Kylie must've been approached by hundreds of people wanting to collaborate with her but she strategically picked people in her inner circle to do this with. Although our own businesses look more like lawn-mowing services we offer in the summer or babysitting gigs, we can take a cue from Kylie and look to our close network when trying to expand or gain more business. It's always best to work with people you trust.

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Lesson 5: It's Okay to be a Style Chameleon

The way we dress is an expression of various factors and can say a lot about how we perceive ourselves. We tend to mistakenly identify as one thing and then dress the part: the rocker punk, the preppy cheerleader, and so on. Kylie teaches us that we don't have to limit ourselves to one bucket. We can be many things at once and we can certainly use fashion to express the complexity of our personalities. Feeling like rocking that old concert tee? Go ahead and do so! Pay no mind to what your cheerleading buds will think, you ultimately have to please yourself.

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