21 Kylie Jenner Memes to Celebrate Her 21st Birthday

Twenty-one years ago, the world was blessed with Kylie Jenner.

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Without this miraculous event, we would have significantly less reality star drama to obsess over, as well as a severe lack of stunning lipstick.

That's why we've decided to celebrate this star's birthday the best way we know how—with memes.

Keep scrolling for 21 of the best Kylie Jenner memes.

1. Did you see it yet?

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2. But I didn't want that man:

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3. You're not fooling anyone:


4. We want to know everything:

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5. We see you:


6. *screams into the void*

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7. Nothing much, you?


8. We don't want to talk about it anymore:


9. Don't. Bring. It. Up:


10. We just can't spoil them the way we want:


11. Oops:

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12. It's tricky:


13. Why is life so hard?:


14. It's okay, we'll wait:


15. We're on our way:


16. It's a never-ending cycle:

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17. How did this happen?

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18. So many activities, so little time:

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19. Isn't that what you meant?


20. You can'not dance:


21. Happy birthday, Kylie:

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