Your Fave Celebs Take You Behind the Scenes of New York Fashion Week

On the surface, New York Fashion Week always seems like a very glamorous affair.

Our fave celebrities pile into the city to catch a glimpse of upcoming collections. They rub elbows with fashion editors and wear perfect outfits while doing so. Have you ever thought about what really goes on behind the picture-perfect week? We are peeling back the curtain and putting together a collection of the best candid pictures taken by the celebrities themselves! You will be surprised to see stars can be just like as after all!

Gigi Hadid smiling at her meet and greet at NYFW

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Kylie Jenner's Late Night Fitting

We rarely think about all of the work required to produce a fashion show. It's hard to imagine when all we see are the perfect pictures of glammed-up models walking down the runway. Leave it to social media queen Kylie Jenner to show us the hard work that must be put in to achieve just one look. King Kylie posted a picture of herself looking less than amused during a late fitting. Her face reminds us of how we feel when we are nowhere near finishing our homework and we are already into the wee hours of night. It must be hard being a model after all!

Olivia Culpo Sneaking in an Ice Cream Treat Between Shows

New York is famous for its soft serve trucks. You can't walk more than a couple of blocks without literally bumping into one. We mere mortals have a hard time resisting these frozen treats, but you would think celebrities have an easier time saying no. After all, they are known for watching their diets. Olivia Culpo didn't shy away from a tasty snack in-between shows. The fashion week veteran smiled as she dug her teeth into a cone loaded with sprinkles. This girl shows us how its really done in N.Y.C.!

Peyton List Fits in Sibling Time

panda panda panda panda panda ball pit ????

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Speaking of fashion week veterans, Peyton List has been spotted at shows since she was a young teen. Taking fashion very seriously has won her coveted spots at shows and given her a reputation for being a serious fashionista. This is exactly why we love this image taken of her and her cute brother Spencer. She lets her hair down and jumps into a pool of panda bears. What is more down-to-earth than that? We wish every celebrity was like her and remembered to not take themselves too seriously during this hectic week.

Kaia Gerber Gets Honored

thank you Marc, last night was very special to me ⚡️#fmas

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Model Kaia Gerber is pure fashion royalty. The 15-year-old daughter of famed supermodel Cindy Crawford was basically born on the catwalk. You would expect pictures of her strutting down in crazy outfits to bombard us all throughout fashion week. Instead, Kaia decided to show off her fashion chops in a very different way. She accepted an honor from designer Marc Jacobs. The gracious mini-fashionista took to Instagram to show her followers how moved she was by the whole occasion. We are were touched ourselves!
Fashion weeks don't have to be cookie-cutter and neither do your fashion rules. Read THESE outdated fashion guidelines, and remember, when it comes to your style, all you have to do is have fun!