Kylie Jenner Fans Share Why It Was Worth Waiting in Line Overnight to Enter Kylie Cosmetics' Pop-Up

Anyone who's been to Disneyland knows the worst part of the visit is waiting in line an hour plus for each ride—so it's hard to imagine waiting overnight to simply enter a cosmetics shop.

Well, Kylie Jenner's diehard fans proved that no wait is too long for a coveted stroll inside the makeup maven's pop-up shop chock full of Kylie Cosmetics products and Kylie merch galore.

Fans show off purchases from the Kylie Cosmetics' pop-up shop

Girls holding their Kylie Cosmetics Products

Customer at Kylie Jenner's Pop Up Shop

We were on hand Friday for the store's hotly anticipated Westfield Topanga mall launch in L.A., where we not only shopped, but we also chatted with some of Ky's biggest devotees about why the long wait was worth it and what they love most about the youngest KarJenner.

Scroll below for what they had to say!

1. Kristeena Salas, 24, Alhambra, California

Time of arrival: 3 a.m.

Sweety High: How did it feel when you were told you'd get to go into the store?

Kristeena Salas: It's exciting. I mean, I like Kylie a lot because I feel like she's very beautiful but she also stands up for people who don't feel like they're beautiful. I like that a lot about her.


SH: How much did you spend?

KS: I spent $120. I had bought the holiday collection previously, too.


SH: Did you miss anything? Like did you miss school or anything like that to come here today?

KS: I work, I'm a TA at a school, so I missed work. My boss knows why.


SH: How would you describe your experience in the shop?

KS: It was like I was entering a club, but also kind of a gallery. It's supposed to be a replica of her bedroom.


SH: What did you buy?

KS: I bought wrapping paper, I have the holiday eyeshadow palette and then I bought some tin sets.


SH: And do you think everything is reasonably priced?

KS: I think so. That's about what makeup goes for nowadays.


SH: Is there anything else you want to add?

KS: I'm just really appreciative of Kylie for doing this.


SH: Are your friends going to be super jealous?

KS: Yeah a lot of my friends were tweeting me like, "I saw you on Kylie's snap! I saw you on Kylie's snap!"

Female fan shows off purchases from the Kylie Cosmetics' pop-up shop


2. Kyle Flentie, 21, San Diego, California

Time of arrival: 3 a.m.

Sweety High: What do you love so much about Kylie? Is it just the cosmetics or do you like her as a person?

Kyle Flentie: I like her overall—like her style, her selfies, her fashion. Just the way she portrays herself, you know what I mean? Everyone wants to be her, everyone wants to dress like her, everyone does dress like her. I mean, she like says she has a lipstick or lipgloss on and then the next day it sells out. She's like her own empire. I love her and respect her and everything, that's why I came here to support.


SH: Now as a male, what do you like about her versus what a female might like about her?

KF: I like her because I think she really handles herself and takes herself around town. She looks like she knows what she's doing. She's an independent woman, she doesn't need a man even though she has one. The way she oozes out coolness is what attracts me mostly.


SH: So what did you buy?

KF: I bought her pair of socks, her jacket that's like a pullover and I got her Kylie Jenner lips phone case.

Male fan shows off purchases from the Kylie Cosmetics' pop-up shop


3. Pita Armas, 19, San Fernando Valley, California

Time of arrival: 11 a.m.

Sweety High: Are you a proud owner of any Kylie Cosmetics?

Pita Armas: Yes, her lip kits—Dolce K, Ginger and Dirty Peach.


SH: And did you actually really like them or was it because of Kylie's name behind it?

PA: No, they have really great quality.


SH: What do you like most about Kylie?

PA: I like her lipsticks, I like her makeup. And about her, I would say her personality.


SH: What do you think makes her empowering and inspiring to young girls?

PA: That she's very out there and she makes other girls think that they can achieve what they want if they want it as bad as she did, just like she did with her lip kits.


SH: How much are you planning to spend today?

PA: About $200.

Makeup Wall at Kylie Jenner's Pop Up Shop


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