Sarah Hyland's HUGE Fashion News Gives Us Reason To Celebrate The Following Girl Bosses

Hold on guys, we're just casually fangirling over here because the ALWAYS fashionable Sarah Hyland just gave us another reason to obsess over her style! The Modern Family actress is about to take on the fashion world. Candie's has just announced that Sarah will be the brand'very first creative director.

Not only is she going to be styling some of the cool looks for their campaigns, but she'll be modeling in them, too. Huge props to Sarah – we're so stoked for her! She can act, she can sing, and now she's a creative director…what can't she do!?

Sarah's not the only fierce female kicking butt and taking names in the fashion world these days. She will follow in the footsteps of these fellow young girl bosses:



We already love Zendaya, but when we heard she's going to be creating her own shoe line, we just about lost it. The fab K.C. Undercover actress, singer and producer powerhouse is releasing her latest project called Sole of Daya. It's not only fiercely named, but it will also have shoes that come with extra soles. This is a mega win for girls like us who can't get enough of their fave shoes and have to wear them literally all the time. Zendaya's shoe line is set to hit stores this upcoming fall!

Zendaya Instagram Promoting Sole Of Daya

(via Instagram)


Selena Gomez

She's got a chart-topping album and a thriving on-camera career, but she hasn't stopped there. Her awesome lifestyle collaboration with Kmart called Dream Out Loud gives her fans the option to buy clothes, jewelry and shoes with her name behind them!



Kylie Jenner

The reality starlet-turned-entrepreneur has one of – if not THE – most sought after makeup collections. The famous Kylie Lip Kit sells out in seconds and has put the Kardashian offspring and her precious puckers on the minds of every beauty-loving babe!



Gigi Hadid

She struts catwalks for a living, but now some lucky ladies could potentially be walking down the runway in looks of her own. The supermodel is collabing with Tommy Hilfiger on her own line, due out this fall, which she previewed recently on Instagram. We can't wait to see the whole collection!

Gigi Hadid Clothing Line

(via Instagram)


G Hannelius

Dog With A Blog star G Hannelius recently teamed up with The Style Club to create the "G By G" collection, which included ridiculously cute styles and girl power graphic tees that serve up some major motivation. But she's also an entrepreneur, creating Make Me Nails, THE best nail art app of all time! It lets users create amazing nail decals using any pics in their camera rolls.



All of these #girlbosses are beyond amazing and inspiring, but have you checked out why we spotlighted the one and only Zendaya as our WCW? Check it out HERE.