Your Fave Snapchat Filter Reveals A Deep Truth About Who You Are

If you're anything like us, you live for all of the Snapchat filters (the puppy face filter is our fave)!

But did you know that your go-to filter reveals something about who you are?! We're here to break it down.

Puppy Filter:

Peyton List Dog Snapchat

(via m-magazine)

You are the ~ultimate~ animal lover and the biggest softie. You have a kind heart and are always looking for ways to help your friends (both pets and humans?). NBD, but puppies kinda just flock to you.


Barfing Rainbow Filter:

Shawn Mendes With Rainbow Filter on Snapchat

(via BuzzFeed)

You have a creative and rad mind, and you are not afraid to think outside the box. Your bffs always turn to you when they want a fun weekend because you're so on top of thinking of new ways to explore your city. You are a HUGE fan of DIY crafts, and it is very likely that your bedroom is colorful, vibrant and full of your unique flair.


Aging Face Filter:

Nash Grier Old Face Snapchat

(via Twist Magazine)

You are most def the "old soul" of your squad. You always think things through before you take action, which is a very important quality to have. Your besties turn to you for all sorts of advice because they know that you will guide them when they're having a hard day at school or don't know how to approach their crush. Own your smarts!


Comic-Face Filter:

Kira Kosarin comic face Snapchat filter

(via Twitter)

You are a total comedian. You are constantly cracking everyone up with your witty one-liners and your smart banter. You are 99.9% of the time in an amazing mood because you are so naturally happy. It's a part of who you are! You know how to cheer up others when they are down, and you are the best kind of friend to have. Who wouldn't want to be around a hilarious girl like you?!


Hamster Eating Filter:

Rydel Lynch using the Hamster filter on Snapchat

(via Twitter)

There's no denying you are a foodie through and through. You love to eat, bake and sometimes just salivate over food Insta accounts. We don't blame you! If you're feeling down, you know that a quick fro-yo trip is the perfect solution. NOMZ ?.


Alien/Galaxy Filter:

Kylie Jenner using alien Snapchat filter

(via Daily Mail)

You are one of the most adventurous in your friend group. You dream of traveling, adventuring and seeing the world. You're unafraid to go outside of your comfort zone and that is SOOO admirable.


Angry Bunny Filter:

Victoria Justice using the scary bunny Snapchat filter

(via Twist)

You may seem a little timid at first, but you have a bold and beautiful personality. You are sometimes scared to speak your mind, but when something is very important to you, you fight for it. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion! Let your fierce bunny show ?.


Face Swap Filter:


Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Faceswapping on Snapchat

(via Teen Vogue)

You are a girl who can easily adapt! When someone throws a challenge at you, you are never thrown off your track. You take charge, you lead and you believe in yourself always. You may not know this, but many people look up to you as a role model. Keep doing you!


Coachella Flower Crown Filter:

Nial Horan Flower Crown Snapchat Filter

(via m-magazine)

It's pretty obvious that you are such a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. You're always down for an adventure, and you are the person that people go to if they want some spontaneity in their life. Your free spirit is what makes you, YOU!


Crying Face Filter:

Kim Kardashian using the crying filter on Snapchat

(via Just Jared)

You're a sensitive chick, OK! Trust us when we say that is not a bad thing at all. Being able to be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve is a coveted quality. Lucky you! Your bffs will never have to guess how you're feeling. We ? that.


Freakily accurate, right?!? Want to know some more ~deep~ truths about yourself? Take our quiz HERE to determine what your fave MAC makeup collaboration reveals about you!