OBSESSED: Meet Your New Fave Girl Group L2M!

Sit down and listen up, because we need to culture you about your new fave girl group L2M. Mariangeli, Tati, McKenzie, Jenna and Lexi are five besties who are following their dreams and spreading girl power everywhere they go. We chatted with the girls about everything from the meaning of their name to the Disney princess they each relate to the most. They even shared some pretty surprising secrets about what went down when they filmed their "GIRLZ" music video.

Warner Brothers Records girl group L2M

(From left to right: Mariangeli, Tati, McKenzie, Jenna, Lexi)

Sweety High: What's the meaning behind your name L2M?

Mariangeli: The people we work with had a little session with some girls and they asked them 'What do you think would be a good name for a pop group?' They thought of some ideas and eventually they came up with L2M, which stands for listening to music.

SH: How would you each describe yourself in one word?

Lexi: Edgy

Jenna: Athletic

McKenzie: Energetic

Mariangeli: Passionate

Tati: The cute one! Well, we're all cute!

SH: What's your go to L2M group pose?

L2M group pose

SH: Which Disney princess do you relate to most?

McKenzie: I would say Princess Tiana, because in her story, she works really hard to get her restaurant. I can relate to that because I work hard.

Jenna: Mine would be Cinderella, because she ended up finding true love with the prince. He liked her for who she was and not by her looks.

Mariangeli: I would say Belle, just because a lot of people do look at her differently or oddly because she was being herself. But she doesn't act that way to others. With the Beast, she understands him and doesn't treat him differently for how he looks.

Tati: I would say Jasmine, because I grew up watching Aladdin. I was always Jasmine for Halloween. She's a really strong girl. A lot of people say I look like her!

Lexi: My favorite Disney princess is probably Cinderella. One, because I look like her. And she had lots of friends and was kind to everyone.

SH: What was it like to be a part of the LEGO Friends movie?

Tati: We're the singing voices for the characters, which was so cool.

McKenzie: We were so excited when we got to watch the movie together and hear our voices singing the songs.

Lexi: It was just the craziest thing. Whenever they'd start singing and we'd hear ourselves, we'd be like 'WOAH!'

SH: You call your fans BFFs, but what does being a good BFF mean to you?

Lexi: You've got your friends back and you're never gonna be mean to them. You know that you love them and they love you. It's just being supportive of one another and loving each other. Oh, and having fun! You have to have fun with your friends.

SH: What does a typical L2M group selfie look like?

L2M group selfie

SH: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

Lexi: Cher Lloyd or Demi Lovato

Jenna: Cher Lloyd, Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly and Hailee Steinfeld

McKenzie: Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Hailee Steinfeld, Beyoncé and also Ariana Grande

Mariangeli: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Jessie J

Tati: Justin Bieber, J. Lo, Selena Gomez! It would be awesome to tour with anyone really!

SH: What was it like to film your "GIRLZ" music video?

McKenzie: It was a great experience! My favorite part was when we all whipped together. That was the best! And also when one of the girls in the video makes a basketball shot and the boy was like, 'Oh, I didn't know she could do that!' But girls can do whatever boys can do.

Jenna: My favorite part is in the beginning where I jump out of the car. The car was burning hot. It was like 99 degrees that day and I was burning. Like my legs were red!

Mariangeli: It was really funny though, because I was inside of a car and they didn't have the keys, so the AC wasn't on. Then after we finished filming the whole scene, they go 'Oh, I have the keys!' I was like 'really?!?!'

Jenna: Also, when I'm walking in the opening scene, Lexi got stuck in the car and she went to open the door and almost smashed me.

Lexi: And then I ran into the tire! But my favorite part was doing the dance battle with all the dancers.

SH: What did your faces look like when you saw your music video for the first time?

L2M shocked faces

SH: You are literally the epitome of girl power, but what does girl power mean to each of you?

Lexi: Just being yourself and not being afraid to let other people know who you are.

Jenna: Girls just need to be themselves and not change who they are for anyone.

McKenzie: It's about believing in yourself and loving yourself. You have to be you.

Mariangeli: There will be some times when people might not respect how you look or how you dress, but you have to know that one person or several people's opinions doesn't matter. As long as you're happy, that's OK!

Tati: Girls can be just as strong as boys can, in our opinion. You can have power and you can be who you are.

SH: Speaking of girl power, could you make us a playlist full of girl power anthems?

SH: What nail art are you all currently rocking? Bare or painted, we want to see!

L2M nail art

SH: What does it mean to each of you to be a part of this group?

McKenzie: It's been a great experience with all these girls. It means a lot to me that we all get along super well and that we're like sisters.

Tati: We work really hard together, but we just have fun with it. And it's great that you get to do this with your best friends.

Jenna: And we're all supportive of each other. If one's down, then the others will pick them back up.

Mariangeli: Sometimes these things can get a little rough or challenging, but it's always great to have other people that are working on the same thing with you. You can always talk to them about it.

SH: What's your coolest dance pose?

L2M dance pose

SH: When can fans expect to hear new music from you?

Tati: We're working on some new songs now and hopefully our album can come out soon!

Mariangeli: Some of our songs are going to be featured in the upcoming LEGO Friends episodes. We even did the new theme song for the show.


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