La Canadienne Has the CUTEST '90s-Inspired Summer Sandals

Fashion from the '90s called, and it's back and better than ever.

Even though millennials and Gen Z don't find themselves eye-to-eye on everything, I think we can all agree that the resurgence of the '90s has been for the best. Within the last few years, '90s fashion has slowly but surely been trickling its way back into our lives, and now, it's at the front and center of everyone's minds.

I'm on the cusp of being a millenial and part of Gen Z, so I'm what's referred to as a "zillennial." Seeing that I have stakes in both generations, I'd say I'm a relatively trustworthy spokesperson. So, what am I here to talk about today, you may be wondering? Shoes. Yes, shoes!

More specifically, '90s-inspired sandals. La Canadienne sent me a pair of chunky platforms, and they're amazing—amazing enough that both millennials and Gen Z can pull them off. Below, you'll find out all about the shoes and my honest thoughts on them.

The Brand

Montreal-born women's shoe brand La Canadienne launched back in 1987 with the main goal to empower women, and that's something I can get behind. The creators wanted to make sure that us women don't have to give up fashion because of something like the weather, which is why their "city dry technology" is so innovative. No matter the time of year or weather situation, La Canadienne shoes are made for anything.

Since they're so durable, they're meant to last for years and years, which is why the price tag on a lot of the shoes is pretty high. Truth be told, I don't know of any other shoe brand that can handle rain, shine, sleet, slush and snow. Do you?


The Shoes

Brystol: $325

Onto the shoes La Canadienne sent over, the Brystol. This style is everything I've been looking for to rock this summer, and I can't wait to wear them on my next outing to the beach. So, what makes these so special?


(via La Canadienne)

I already told you about the technology, but since I'm in Southern California, it's not really something I even need to worry about. Regardless, I love knowing that they'll hold up. They're sandals with a heel, platform and slide style, so you honestly get a bit of everything. The white leather just screams '90s to me, and when paired with the gold hardware, I can't help but think of old-school Versace.

Is it gaudy? Heck yes, but I am here for it! I've already worn and styled these a number of ways, and let me tell you, there are limitless options. My favorite look so far was pairing the Brystol with a pair of light-washed asymmetrical jeans, a checkered crop top and some vintage-inspired sunnies I got off Amazon for less than $12.

If you're going to wear these shoes, you need to embrace the full '90s style, and let me tell you—you'll fall in love.


(via La Canadienne)


Bottom Line

Is the $325 price tag worth it? Honestly, it depends on what your financial situation is. If you're trying to save up, I'd say you can pass on them. But, if you have some extra spending money you're not sure what to do with, La Canadienne has some stunning styles you'll love and that will last for years to come.

I'll be rocking my Brystols all summer long, and I think you should, too.


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