Completely Obsessed With La Croix's Sparkling Water? You Need These Items

If you're a fan of sparkling water, then you've certainly heard of, seen or drank by the gallons, La Croix water.

We don't know what it is about this soda water that gets people hooked, but boy, once you've had a sip of one of these beauties, there's no turning back to any old sparkling water.

If you're just as obsessed with this drink as we are, scroll below, because we've gathered 11 items that will elevate your passion for La Croix to a whole new level.

La Croix Print: $15

Why just drink your La Croix when it can act as a piece of art in your room, too? Shout out to our fave flavor Pamplemousse.

La Croix art print from Etsy

(via Etsy)


La Croix Enamel Pin: $12

Pop this pin on your leather or denim jacket and no one will ever question your undying love for this drink ever again.

La Croix Enamel Pin from Etsy

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La Croix Brooch Pin: $30

If one pin isn't enough to showcase your affection for La Croix, try slapping on one of these cute brooches, too!

La Croix brooch pins

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La Croix Magnet: $4

Running low on your fave drink? Pop this magnet on your fridge so your mom knows just what you want her to buy on her next grocery run.

La Croix magnet from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Can You Not La Croix-Inspired Shirt: $21

What's more perfect about this graphic t-shirt? The fact that it has our fave drink on it, or the fact that it says "Can you not?"


Can You Not La Croix Shirt

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La Croix Planter: $55

Want your preferred drink to also serve as decor in your room? Then you definitely need this adorable succulent holder.

La Croix Planter

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Recycled La Croix Earrings: $31.75

Have you seen anything more amazing than these recycled La Croix bottle earrings? These are everything.

La Croix earrings from Etsy

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La Croix Stud Earrings: $20

Throw on these studs and your love for La Croix will be more evident than ever.

La Croix Stud Earrings

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La Croix-Inspired Necklace: $20

Want to subtly show your love for the sparkling water? This necklace is the perfect solution.

La Croix Inspired Necklace

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La Croix Embroidery: $30

Hang up this lil' embroidered number in your bedroom if you can't stand to be in a space where La Croix is not present.

La Croix Embroidery

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La Croix Card: $4.50

And finally, if someone close to you loves the sparkling drink as much as you do, gift them with this card and they'll know just how much you care.

La Croix Card

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La Croix is the perfect drink for summer because it's cool and refreshing! If you need another snack to cool you down in the heat, try one of THESE nine popsicle recipes.