This Is the Most Over-the-Top Cheese Board We've Ever Tried

If you want to ensure our complete and total happiness, good food is unquestionably the answer.

We're always ready to try some new dishes, so when we were invited to attend the launch party for the L.A. Times Food Bowl at Rossoblu in downtown Los Angeles, we happily accepted.

Jessica and Food Bowl LA Sign

The Food Bowl is an annual, month-long event hosted by the L.A. Times dedicated to celebrating the unique food scene of Los Angeles. To put it much more simply, it's basically a foodie's paradise.

The launch party was simply entitled Things in a Bowl, and it featured stations from some of the most notable restaurants in L.A. Each restaurant created a unique dish for the event, each of which was presented in—you guessed it—a bowl!

With so many options available, we had to be just a little picky about what we decided to eat. We gulfed down this delicious Thai-inspired salad from Night + Market:

Night + Market LA Food Bowl Salad

And then moved on to the "all-American" bowl from Honey's Kettle that contained the most life-changing fried chicken we've ever eaten:

Honey Kettle All American Bowl

Our last stop was the "Soul in a Bowl" offering from Locol that tickled our taste buds with its yummy combination of rice, beans, messy greens and cornbread:

Soul in a Bowl Locol

The real star of the evening, however, was without question the massive cheese board from DTLA Cheese. The board included dried fruits, nuts, pickles, small slices of bread, crackers and more cheeses than we could even begin to count. It might have something to do with the fact that we're obsessed with cheese, but we were easily in heaven munching on all the offerings at this delicious table.

LA Food Bowl Cheese Board

And we definitely weren't alone! By the end of the night there was hardly anything left of the massive cheese board, save for a cheese-infused honey comb that was sweet enough to count as our dessert for the night.

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While the rest of the food was undeniably delicious, we totally would have attended the event just for the insanely epic cheese board. And we'll probably still be dreaming about it for months to come.


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