8 Reasons Why La La Land's Message Applies to All of Us

Last night Emma Stone took home the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Mia in La La Land and we couldn't be more excited! Anyone with dreams or goals can relate to Mia's struggle of becoming a famous actress from scratch.

Despite the last minute win by Moonlight taking Best Picture in Oscars overtime, we still look up to the movie musical of the year for its messages about hard work and persistence, which apply to every one of us.

Get inspired by the movie's most motivational moments below:

(**Note: This list contains spoilers, so avert your eyes until you see this flick!)

We All Start At the Bottom

The main character Mia begins as a barista working at a coffee shop on the famous Warner Bros. lot, despite having dreams of becoming a famous actress. Ask any celeb and they will spin a similar tale of how they used to wait tables or mop floors before getting their big break. We can totally relate to Mia who, at times, feels super low about her position as a barista. But at least we can feel in good company knowing that so many stars start in the same place—and hey, there's nowhere to go but up!

Mia working at a coffee shop

(La La Land via Black Label Media)


We've All Struggled With Self-Confidence

At some point or another we all feel like we're one of a million rather than one in a million. In other words, what makes us so special? It's safe to say those thoughts were going through Mia's head after auditioning countless times against girls who look just like her. It's nearly impossible to keep your confidence up when comparing yourself to others. The message of this movie tells us to look inside of ourselves to remember which unique qualities make each of us one in a million. Stay on the lookout because eventually someone will want exactly what you have to offer.

Mia in an elevator after a bad audition

(La La Land via Black Label Media)


We Would All Rather Stay In Bed

Perhaps one of the most relateable scenes in La La Land was when Mia's roommates beg her to join them on a night out despite her desire to have a quiet night in by herself. But eventually she gets glam and goes out with her friends, which inadvertently propels her into the current of her future. As much as we wish we could stay snuggled in bed with our fur-buddies and Netflix, we can't chase our dreams from the comfort of home. Half of the battle is showing up, which Mia taught us isn't always fun, but is often worthwhile.

Mia dancing with her friends

(La La Land via Black Label Media)


We All Know What It Feels Like to Want to Quit

Dreams are hard. Unless you're in a Disney movie where your fairy godmother can wave her wand and turn you into a glamorous princess, you have to work really hard to achieve your dreams. Whether it's becoming an accomplished actress like Mia or a reputable doctor, hard work will come with its fair share of low points. But giving up is not an option—just ask Mia.


We've All Failed Before Realizing the Teachable Moment

Think back to learning to ride a bike. How many times did you fall before mastering the skill? Probably too many times to count, which is exactly what Mia goes through in her countless auditions. But practice makes perfect! And just because her one woman show, for lack of better words, totally bombed, doesn't mean it was a waste of time. You never know who's in the audience, even if that audience is minimal.


We've All Felt Like Life Was Over Post-Breakup

Practically every movie we watched as kids ended happily-ever-after when the main characters fell in love and got married. But let's get real for a moment—finding love doesn't mean our stories end! While Mia and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) seemed like all kinds of relationship goals, both of their stories had to continue, and in this case, that meant going their separate ways. Just because a relationship ends doesn't mean your dreams are going to have the same fate.


We've All Been Tempted to Stray Off Course

One of the hardest parts about following your dreams is sticking to them, not only when things get hard, but moreso when the wrong opportunity comes knocking. Sebastian had dreams of opening up his own jazz club, but when an old college buddy invites him into an already successful band, he feels obligated to accept the invitation despite his distaste for the music. Sure, Seb gains some success as the keyboardist in the band, but he isn't truly happy until he makes his original dreams a reality. It's hard to stay on course when other, less dreamy opportunities arise. But the message of this award winning flick rings strong: Follow your dreams, not somebody else's.

Sebastian talking with friend at jazz club

(La La Land via Black Label Media)


We All Need to Stay Humble In the Face of Success

Mia is the queen of class at the end of the film after obtaining fame as an actress. When she strolls into the same cafe she served coffee in, only a short while before, she is humble and kind to the new barista. Being a celeb doesn't mean getting a big head because (back to point No. 1—we've come full circle!) we all started at the bottom. It's important for us all to remember that gaining success in whatever field we pursue does not mean kicking over the in-progress sandcastles around us.


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