Use These Sweet Instagram Captions for All of Your Lucky Ladybug Photos

If you ever have the good fortune to have a ladybug land on you, don't forget to take a photo and pay that luck forward.

Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your adorable ladybug pics, and these captions are just the thing to accompany them.

For the shot you capture of a ladybug in its natural environment:

"I would like to turn into a ladybug so that I can add to the beauty of nature."

-Prachi Pandey

Unsplash: Ladybug crawling on purple flowers

(via Unsplash)


For the close-up of a ladybug's vibrant red sheen:

"Red is the first color of spring. It's the real color of rebirth. Of beginning."

-Andie Condie


For the pic of an ultra spotty bug:

"A ladybug cannot change its spots."


For when you're just super excited that a ladybug landed on you:

"Little things make big days."


For the pic of the bug you don't dare shoo away:

"Please don't bug the lady."


For when your mom's flower garden is brimming with playful ladybugs:

"I think people should maybe just go out into the garden and watch a ladybug crawl across a flower and relax their mind."

-Harland Williams

Unsplash: Ladybug crawling on pink flower

(via Unsplash)


For your shot of a ladybug on a dewy leaf:

"How brave a ladybug must be! Each drop of rain is big as she."

-Aileen Fisher


For that serendipitous moment when both you and the ladybug who lands on you are wearing red:

"When in doubt, wear red."

-Bill Blass


For when you're teeming with ladybugs:

"I didn't choose the bug life. The bug life chose me."

Unsplash: Ladybugs crawling on woman's hands

(via Unsplash)


For the ladybug spots that are so cute you can't help but share them:

"You can't have a bad day in polka dots."

-Anna Kendrick


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