9 Tips We Learned About Laneige Lip Glowy Balm By Reading Sephora Reviews

Nothing gets us quite as excited as a new lip balm, especially when the brand is known for turning out amazing lip products.

Enter, Laneige–the creators of the cult favorite Lip Sleeping Mask. Lip Glowy Balm is a new product for them that comes in four shades, and it's already racked up 654 reviews and over 60,000 hearts (at the time this post was written). 

The formula contains murumuru and shea butters that provide powerful hydration and lock in moisture longer. It's the perfect on-the-go daytime complement to the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Below, we learned nine interesting things about Lip Glowy Balm by combing through the hundreds of comments on Sephora. Keep reading to find out our most interesting takeaways!

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1. It's Slightly Thinner Than the Brand's Lip Mask, but Barely

Laneige has a cult following thanks to their Lip Sleeping Mask, which we've covered many times here on Sweety High—so you better believe brand fans were so excited to try out Lip Glowy Balm. And according to diehard Lip Sleeping Mask fans, this product is slightly thinner, but still has the same amazing moisture and a little bit of color to differentiate it.

2. The Pear Scent Has a Really Strong Smell

Scents can be polarizing, but all four Lip Glowy Balms seem to be popular in the scent department. Some Sephora reviewers claim the pear scent even tastes a bit like green apple jolly ranchers and that the berry tastes like bubblegum, but all comparisons aside, the verdict seems to be favorable for all four aromas.

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3. It Leaves Your Lips Shiny, But Not Sticky

Is there anything worse than super sticky lips? Definitely not. Everyone seems to agree, this product really hits the "not sticky" spot. Stickiness can be a deal breaker in the balm category, so it's good to see so many comments saying this won't be an issue.

4. Peach Shade Is Beautiful for Everyday Wear

Perfect for a school day or the weekend, these three shades are relatively sheer and provide the perfect wash without being too colorful or flashy.

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5. It Has a Water-Smooth Texture

The most common comments are definitely about the unusual texture. This product lingers somewhere between a lip balm and a lip gloss, and people are very passionate about it!

6. It Makes Your Lips Look Juicy

A good lip balm or lip gloss needs a decent amount of shine to reflect light off the lips and make them look fuller and juicier—and Sephora reviewers all agree that this Laneige lip product makes your lips look juicy as can be.

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7. It Has Solid Staying Power

Fans of this balm rave that it really stays, which isn't common for lightweight lip balms.

8. Wear It Over Lipstick

Not only does it make a great daytime gloss with a little bit of shine, you can wear it over lipsticks to make them more creamy and glossy, or as an overnight treatment mask. Since the product stays on for a long time, it works in many different ways.

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9. Use It to Make Glossy Eyeshadow

If you've been itching to try out the glossy eyelid trend, you can use this balm to create the look! Just apply over your favorite eyeshadow with a flat brush for the glossiest eyes. This formula works well because it's not sticky and has a smooth texture, so your eyelids don't feel heavy.


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