LANY Dropped Their Debut Album and These 5 Tracks Are Our Faves

The road to success is generally a long and treacherous path, but not if you're the alt-rock group LANY.

Since forming in 2014, the three-piece group has been on everyone's radar as they continue to drop captivatingly honest music.

With the release of their debut album today, it's evident the only place these guys are going is up.

Their record is everything we could've hoped for and then some. Incredibly well produced, it encompasses everything we love about this unprecedented trio.

Scroll below to discover which five tunes we're digging the most:

1. "Flowers on the Floor"

As far as we're concerned, this is the danciest tune on LANY's record. Sure, every song makes you want to move and groove, but this one had us dancing a little bit more than the rest. The instrumentals paired with the vocals is about as perfect as it gets.


2. "Purple Teeth"

This tune hits home for so many reasons. If someone who's ever left you tried to come back into your life, you'll definitely relate to this tune. Though the instrumentals are upbeat, the message behind the song definitely isn't. It's all a facade for something darker.


3. "Super Far"

Though so many stellar songs have been released this season, "Super Far" is a strong contender to become Song of the Summer. With a catchy chorus and hypnotizing instrumentals, this is the tune that you'll remember most from the record.


4. "Tampa"

LANY has no problem being honest and vulnerable in every song they release. But none of them hold a candle to this reflective tune. A self-love anthem of sorts, this jam is here to pick you up when you're not quite sure where to go.


5. "Hericane"

A bit slower than the rest of the songs on the album, "Hericane" shines a light on the good, the bad and the ugly in a relationship. This song almost pains one to listen to, especially if you're currently dealing with relationship problems. It's everything you want to say, but are too afraid to bring up.


If you want to jam out to these songs all day and night, follow the Spotify playlist below:


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