Show Off Your Laptop With One Of These Instagram Captions

If you have a laptop, we're willing to bet you use it pretty much every day.

Whether you're working on an assignment, sending out emails or watching your favorite show on Netflix, laptops are an easy way to stay connected. If you have a new laptop, want to show off a cute screensaver or want to share the show you're currently watching on your laptop, use one of these Instagram captions.

For when you want to show off your new purchase:

"This laptop is the best purchase I've ever made."

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For when you're working through the night:

"Never not working."


For when your screensaver is of the beach:

"Staring at my screensaver and pretending I'm on vacay."


For when you'd be lost without your laptop:

"My entire life is on this laptop."


For when you have an amazing work ethic:

"The grind is real."


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For when your laptop is full of shopping tabs:

"My search history is solely shopping websites."


For when you're walking out of the Apple store:

"Finally upgraded to a new laptop!"


For when your laptop is open to Google:

"What if Google got deleted, and we couldn't Google what happened to Google?"



For when your new laptop is making you happy:

"My new laptop no longer sounds like an airplane is taking off every time I turn it on."


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For when your mani looks cute on your keyboard:

"I love the sound of my nails hitting the keyboard."


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