La'Ron Hines Teases Insightful New Snapchat Series, La'Ron in a Million

Over the years, we've watched La'Ron Hines grow into one of the most beloved content creators around, and he's earned every bit of his success.

The Mississippi native is a singer-songwriter, producer and influencer who went viral with his "Are You Smarter Than a Preschooler" videos, catching the attention of major stars, and even going on to feature Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, H.E.R. and more.

Of course, there's more to the star than his fresh and funny videos—and in the upcoming Snapchat series, La'Ron in a Million, fans will get to take a peek into his real life for the very first time. The new series follows La'Ron in Los Angeles as he strives to make all of his dreams come true, balancing his rapidly growing career with his life at home. The series begins Feb. 4, with new episodes launching every two days, but you can click HERE now to subscribe so you never miss a beat. Ahead of the big day, we got the chance to chat with La'Ron all about the new series, his latest single, "Web of Lies," and what really makes him proud. Read the full interview below.

Sweety High: Can you tell us a little bit about how your new series with Snapchat came to be?

La'Ron Hines The series came from the idea I had in partnership with a super-talented production team to give my viewers an insight into my life. The goal was to show everyone that I am more than what I show on TikTok. Along with being an interviewer and host, I am also a singer, songwriter actor and dancer.

(La'Ron in a Million via Snapchat)


SH: What is the new series all about? Are there any sides of your story that come across in the show that we haven't really gotten to see before?

LH: In the show, the viewers will get a deeper look into my life, from family and friends to dating and more. I'll also go into more depth on things as far as my aspirations and dreams in the music industry.

(Image courtesy of La'Ron Hines)


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SH: How did you come up with the idea for "Are You Smarter Than a
Preschooler"? Why do you think it's resonated with such a wide

LH: The idea came as a product of the pandemic. My parents had their
daycare and they gave me a "job" there while I was out of school. From that moment on is where the series sparked.


SH: What would you say is the key to juggling everything you've got going on in your life right now?

LH: The key is a great support system. Also, you have to have that passion to want to see yourself succeed. And with that comes sacrifice. Sometimes you have to give up certain things to bring yourself closer to your dreams.

(Image courtesy of La'Ron Hines)


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SH: If you had to pick just one reason for fans to tune into La'Ron in a
Million when it drops on Feb. 4, what is it?

LH: The main reason is because it gives the viewers an inside scoop of my life—a real way to get to know me. Social media is only what I choose to show, whereas this show is an insight into my life offline.


SH: What is one thing you're super proud of right now?

LH: The list is extremely endless, but I think I am the proudest of myself. There have just been so many great things and moves being made in my life. I just recently bought my first car as well as released my song along with a dope music video. The things that I am doing now were not things I did a few years ago.

(Image courtesy of La'Ron Hines)


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SH: Is there anything else we should know?

LH: Just make sure to stream "Web of Lies" and be on the lookout for all the ventures I have coming up—because there are definitely a lot.


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