Last Night Is The Vamps' Latest Music Video!

The Vamps have a brand new music video for their incredible new song "Last Night," and it's everything you'd expect from these fun-loving up-and-comers from England!Last Night The Vamps

"The Vamps were given their video budget," the screen reads at the beginning of the video. "They decided to build their own party. Here's what happened…"

What would you spend your music video budget on? In "Last Night," Bradley, James, Connor and Tristan of The Vamps decided to spend it on the rockingest carnival party you've ever seen!

In the video, the band performs in the center of an instant fairground, complete with games, giant stuffed prizes and dizzying carnival rides!

Best of all, a bunch of lucky fans got in on the fun! And what's a party without some amazing party animals, including a big fluffy cat, owls and big iguanas running around on leashes?

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