The Last Austin & Ally Table Read Was Yesterday :(

The last ever table read for Austin & Ally took place yesterday and we are totally overwhelmed. Join our combination celebration-mourning as we recap how it all went down.

It started with Ross's tweet. NOOOO!

ross lynch austin and ally last table read

We're so proud to be the best fans in the world

laura marano last table read austin and ally

Calum took a selfie of the last Austin & Ally table read EVER. Can you spot Ross, Laura and Raini? Sob.

austin and ally table read selfie

(via Instagram)

Crying with the Austin & Ally writers rn

ausitn and ally writers last table read

Calum gave us a view of the table read from his POV

calum worthy table read austin and ally

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And Ross RTed this and broke our hearts

first table read austin and ally

The creators revealed that the episode will air in 9 months… The emotional countdown begins

austin and ally creators last table read

We're crushed but we still can't wait to see the last episode (it's going to be so good!)

calum worthy last austin and ally table read


raii rodriguez last table read austin and ally

If the show doesn't end with Austin and Ally finally getting together permanently we don't know what we'll do

austin ask ally out last table read

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calum worthy austin and ally excuse me while i drown my feels

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^ This

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