Laura Marano Tells Sweety High Why She's 'Obsessed' With Her New Fragrance Line

Laura Marano's new fragrance line is finally out!

Not only do her three scents, Love You, Kiss You and Hug You smell heavenly, they also have little acts of recommended kindness tucked inside each box.

Laura Marano speaking at Young Women's Honors

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We had the opportunity to chat with the talented singer-actress about the process of creating her own scents and why she hopes her fragrance line can inspire kindness.

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Sweety High: How did you decide to come up with your own fragrance line?

Laura Marano: It's funny, I never thought about coming up with a fragrance until I was approached about it, and then I absolutely fell in love with the process. For someone who never expected to have a perfume, I knew exactly what I wanted my fragrance to smell like, look like and represent. I think I actually surprised myself with how much I loved creating one.


SH: What inspired you to add a recommended act of kindness with each perfume box?

LM: Listen, I think we can all agree the world is in constant need of love and kindness. Sometimes it's important to start spreading the love within your own community; that's why the acts of kindness are super easy to do. It's about making your mind actively think about how you can show kindness to the people around you.


SH: Which of your three perfumes is your personal fave?

LM: I personally love Kiss You because of how sweet the smell is. Kiss You smells like it's vanilla mixed with cotton candy, which I love so much.

Laura Marano's three new fragrances


SH: Can you describe each of the perfumes in your own words?

LM: All the scents have vanilla as their base. Hug You is the most simple because it's just all vanilla. So, if you're looking for something that smells more subtle but still lovely, Hug You is probably the one for you. Love You is still vanilla, but has a bit of a floral component, and both smells mix so nicely with each other. Kiss You has the sweetest smell, because of the cotton candy aspect of it.


Sweety High: What kind of girl do you think would like this scent?

LM: To be honest, I really think each scent has something to offer to everyone. They aren't overwhelming, and they smell really nice. Honestly, I'm so proud of this fragrance, and I'm pretty much obsessed with all three of the scents.


Laura's perfume line is currently available at retail stores TJ Maxx, Marshalls and K-Mart, and is also available online at Amazon. Pick up a scent and start #inspiringkindness today!


Laura is constantly amazing us with her many talents. Have you heard her impressive beatboxing skills? Head on over HERE to catch her dropping a beat at the premiere of Bad Hair Day.