The Ultimate Video Roundup For Lauren & Christina Cimorelli's B-day!

Today is no ordinary day in the slightest. It happens to be both Lauren AND Christina Cimorelli's birthdays. We want to wish a huge happy birthday to the lovely sisters. We're celebrating this momentous occasion by jamming out to 12 of the most awesome Cimorelli covers and original songs.

"That Girl Should Be Me" is the best song to kick off the celebration with its upbeat vibe.

Hopefully the sisters don't have any "Bad Blood" about sharing a birthday!

Their take on One Direction's "Steal My Girl" is the anthem to our lives.

Doing a cover of a cover seems so wrong, but it sounds so right.

They're so "Fancy", but you already know.

We can't stop listening to their cover of "Take Your Time".

Get your karaoke on to the perfect girl's night song that is "All My Friends Say".

These girls always stay true to themselves and we're so inspired by that. Get it!

Time to slow things down about with their better than words cover of Ed Sheeran's "Photograph".

We'd "Rather Be" hanging out with the sisters on a boat right now.

Does it get any better than Cimorelli and The Vamps performing together?

There's no better song to bring this celebration to a close than a song all about sisterly love.

Happy Birthday Lauren and Christina! We hope you both have the most wonderful day because you deserve it. Leave your own birthday message for the sisters in the comments below.