Everything You Wanted to Know About TikTok Phenomenon Lauren Kettering

When we think of flawless lip-syncs and stunning freestyle dance videos on TikTok, Lauren Kettering is one of the first ultra-talented people who comes to mind.

And with more than a million followers on Instagram, and more than six million on TikTok, she's obviously made quite a name for herself—but it's clear the 18-year-old star is only getting started. Curious about Lauren? Here's everything we learned about her, in her own words, as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Lauren Kettering Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Lee John)

Name: Lauren Kettering

Hometown: Orange County, California

Birthday: April 4

Zodiac sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. Many people don't know this, but Lauren loves to sing.

"I am not the best at it, but I absolutely love to sing and I am always always singing and dancing."

-Lauren Kettering

2. She also is an excellent writer.

"I absolutely love writing and it brings me a ton of joy. Once I start, I can't stop writing!"

-Lauren Kettering

3. She would love for her mom to play her in a movie.

"My mom and I are each other's other half and are basically the same person and have the same minds."

-Lauren Kettering

4. As a kid, she was really inspired by Cinderella.

"She demonstrates that you should always remain strong no matter what is happening, who is trying to get you down and so forth. You are your own person, and you are the only one who knows yourself truly."

-Lauren Kettering

5. She dreams of traveling to either Greece or Bora Bora.

6. Her weirdest habit is the fact she eats ice cream almost every night.

"I don't know how it happens, but I'm definitely addicted."

-Lauren Kettering

7. She would love to steal Ariel's style from The Little Mermaid.

"To be a mermaid would definitely be my dream!"

-Lauren Kettering

8. She very recently binge-watched Bates Motel.

"It was so interesting and definitely had a lot of cliffhangers."

-Lauren Kettering

9. She loves hot and sunny weather.

"Before COVID, I would travel every summer to somewhere tropical with my family and that is always the best thing I look forward to. I love to tan and hang out by the beach and pool with tons of refreshing drinks."

-Lauren Kettering

10. Lauren always acts with her heart first.

"Once I meet someone or bring them into my life, whether that's a friendship, relative, relationship or something of the sort, I will not give up on that person. I invest a lot of time into my friends and family and I love to see the best from people and would never jump to seeing the worst. I will do everything to make any situation work out."

-Lauren Kettering


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