How Lauren Weintraub Channeled the Power of Letting Go in 'Missing You'

Lauren Weintraub is one of the top TikTok singer-songwriters to watch in 2022—and her nomination for Tiktok Songwriter of the Year for the 2022 iHeart Radio Music Awards proves it.

And if you're on top of all of TikTok's hottest new releases, chances are that you're already familiar with her latest single, "Missing You." The new song, based on Lauren's own experiences coping with a breakup, is the perfect demonstration of the way her heartfelt, authentic and relatable songwriting touches people. A teaser for the song got a million views overnight, and we just had to chat with Lauren to find out more about the song, and what its lyrics truly mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Missing You'

Lauren Weintraub: "Missing You" is one of the most non-fiction songs I've written to date. I was grieving the end of a relationship and really missed that person and just wanted to reach out to them. I had done that before in the past, however, and knew that reaching out never provided the closure I hoped for and just extended the heartbreak for even longer. I wanted to write a song for myself to listen to when I wanted to go back to that person. Almost like a message from my higher self saying, Lauren!!! If you ever want to get over this, you have to make missing them just mean missing them. And that's when the idea for the song clicked. I was sitting with my friends Sara Haze, Jason Saenz and Todd Clark talking about all the times I had run back instead of actually moving on. Whether that meant texting late at night or going over to their place. And we started humming on like—"missing you used to mean" this and that and the song came together from there.


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What 'Missing You' Means

LW: The song is almost like a higher self angel message for me, reminding myself that if you ended something for a reason, you ended it for a reason. Sometimes after the fact, that reason can get a little blurry. I wanted to write the song as a reminder that if you're truly ready to let go, you have to trust that letting go is the right thing to do even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. I hope I've articulated something that listeners either couldn't on their own, or needed to hear so they can move on from an old pattern that isn't serving them anymore!


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Lauren's Favorite Lyric

LW:  My favorite lyric from the song is, "missing you used to mean 2 am, grab the keys, in the car, on your street, knocking by 2:03." I love this lyric because it's so accurate and an old version of myself definitely texted my ex at 2 am and was in his driveway three minutes later. Haha. Nashville is a small town!


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