If You Love Lavender, You'll Love These 7 Powerful Products

Sure, lavender has a serene, familiar aroma, but it's actually one of the most powerful plants out there.

Much more than just a floral scent, lavender is also known for having calming properties, aiding in stress and helping put an end to sleeplessness.

Because we're avid fans of this gift from nature, we've rounded up seven powerful lavender products you need in your life if you love the purple flower.

Thisworks Deep Sleep Bath Soak: $41

Nothing says relaxation quite like a bath, and Thisworks' lavender and Vetivert-infused salts are the perfect calming addition to your rinse. Just make sure you hold off on using these until right before bed!

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Asutra Premium Lavender Silk Eye Pillow Set: $16.95

We all love a good eye mask to give us the beauty sleep we need, but topped off with a little lavender infusion? Consider this an almost-guaranteed good night's rest. Asutra's lavender silk eye pillow set comes with a removable pouch that's generously filled with organic lavender and flax seeds. The set also includes a freezable gel eye mask for those days that call for a little depuffing!

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Art Naturals Lavender Essential Oil: $8 (travel size)

The uses for lavender essential oil are many. It helps with everything from lessening dandruff and sanitizing wounds, to calming our energy and putting us to sleep. A few drops of this concentrated liquid can be placed in a bath or mixed with a carrier oil to experience its magical effects. We highly recommend splurging on a SlipSilk pillowcase and placing a few drops of the essential oil on it each night before bed. Not only will it send you off to dreamland, but it won't stain the pillowcase!


Pangea Organics Rejuvenating Body Oil: $30

Whether you're giving or receiving a massage, or you want your skin to glow after bathing, this body oil, which combines Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom, will hydrate, nourish and relax your body.


FATCO Fat Stick: $10

Infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils, FATCO's signature "Fat Stick" is an all-natural, all-over moisturizing balm also made up of coconut oil and shea butter. Its packaging also makes it easy to take around with you anywhere when your skin needs a little help in the dry department.

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FATCO Calming Body Butta: $16

Similar to the Fat Stick, FATCO's Calming Body Butta provides some serious moisture. Suitable for all skin types, this product, made from lavender and clary sage, is in a body butter form, as opposed to a balm. Its scent is also pretty potent, so if you dig it, that's a good sign because it's going to stick!

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Badger Sleep Balm: $8.49

This compact balm is our ultimate go-to when it comes to catching Zzzs. It will knock you out peacefully and wake you up feeling refreshed. Plus, a little goes a long way, so the cost of this lavender and bergamot-infused night balm is a major steal!



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