Soul-Pop Band Lawrence Dish on Their Upcoming Coachella Debut

Ever since we first heard Lawrence's rousing hit single "Don't Lose Sight," we've been absolutely in love with the eight-piece soul-pop band—and we couldn't be more thrilled that they're making their Coachella debut this year.

The group will be hitting the Mojave Tent today, April 15, as well as next Friday on April 22, and we know the shows are going to be a doozy. If you've witnessed the band's infectious and bluesy energy onscreen, you know it's going to be even bigger in person, so prepare to be swept away. Ahead of the show, we got the chance to chat with the band about what it means to be at Coachella for the first time, and what we can expect from their performances. Keep reading to find out what they shared with us.

Sweety High: What makes performing at Coachella different from any other festival?

Lawrence: Coachella is one of the few festivals that is pretty much a household name to any music fan and a bucket list item for any artist, so to be able to be included in the lineup is definitely a huge honor.


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SH: What kind of energy do you hope to bring to the stage and share with your fans?

Lawrence: Lawrence shows are always high-energy, filled with horns, harmonies and plenty of fun on-stage antics. We have an eight-piece band made up of our friends from childhood and college, and we're proud to always deliver a fully-live set with no pre-recorded backing tracks.



SH: What song are you most excited to play?

Lawrence: Right now, we'd definitely have to say our song "Don't Lose Sight." This will be our first time playing it at a festival and it has been a crowd favorite at our headline shows. It just cracked into the Top 40 on Pop Radio and was in a major Microsoft ad, so I know that it's been bringing in tons of new fans who have found us through that song, but accolades aside, it's just a really fun high-energy song to play.


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SH: What are you most looking forward to about Coachella?

Lawrence: We've never actually been before, so we're looking forward to seeing all the things that make it so special, but from what we've heard (and from seeing all the awesome acts on the bill) it's going to be an incredible time. We also just spent a month touring through a part of the country that was very cold, so this feels like quite a way to say goodbye to our extended winter!


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