Temperatures have officially dropped, and our closets are about to do a complete 180.

Before you store your favorite sundress, check out these five genius ways to perfectly layer any summer dress for winter.

Go Over the Knee

black over the knee socks

(via Forever 21)

People immediately think about layering with tops when trying to dress warmer. Not so with this tip! If you have a summer dress you absolutely love but can’t wear when it’s too cold, try layering it with some over-the-knee socks. This super trendy look can also go well with tights and/or leggings to add extra layers of warmth.


Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Flannel

Red flannel

(via Vince Camuto)

Flannels are one of those winter staples every girl has in her closet. This version, by Two by Vince Camuto, adds a fun twist with bell sleeves. You can wear this over or under your dress for warmth. If you opt for under, fasten every button, even the last one, and let the collar peek out from under your neckline. Cute!


Put a Blouse Under It

Peach blouse

(via Planet Blue)

A long-sleeved blouse is the easiest way to add warmth to a dress. You can wear it above the dress or below. If your blouse has buttons, it can also be opened up and tied in the front for a very hip look. This version, by Blue Life, would look perfect under a spaghetti-strap dress. 


Layer a Furry Vest

Pink Furry coat

(via Forever 21)

When it comes to layering pieces, few are as versatile as a faux fur vest. It’s also the perfect companion to a summer dress because it allows for you to show off dress sleeves. If you want extra fashion points, wear a blouse under your dress and a faux fur vest over the whole look.


Wear Contrasting Leggings Under a Dress

cheetah print leggings

(via Forever 21)

Layering a dress over leggings is a no-brainer option for when you want to recycle warmer weather looks. Instead of going for your basic black pair, mix it up by opting for fun patterns and/or materials. Pick contrasting prints for a pop of style.


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